Bitcoin Goes to Hollywood: “Crypto” Film Scheduled for 2019 Release

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Bitcoin Goes to Hollywood: “Crypto” Film Scheduled for 2019 Release

Bitcoin Goes to Hollywood: "Crypto" Film Scheduled for 2019 ReleaseThe world of cryptocurrency trading and development is getting the Hollywood treatment with a new film that is expected to debut next year. “Crypto” is a thriller currently undergoing development by Yale Productions; the film will be directed by John Stalberg Jr., who is known for his work on the 2012 comedy “High School.”

“Crypto” The Movie

According to a recent news article published by The Hollywood Reporter, “Crypto” will tell the story of a law enforcement agent investigating a money laundering case that involves Bitcoin. The main character will be played by Beau Knapp, a young actor who has appeared in science fiction and dramatic films. Legendary actor Kurt Russell is expected to play a major role as the young agent’s father, a farmer who has not been able to adjust to the harsh realities of today’s economy.

The plot of “Crypto” will feature a dramatic turn as the main character goes underground to learn about the shady enterprises managed by an art dealer played by Alexis Bledel, a gorgeous and critically acclaimed actress known for her work on the television series “Gilmore Girls.” Along the way, the agent will learn about Bitcoin through his association with a cryptocurrency expert.

Reactions of the Cryptocurrency Community

Although some digital currency enthusiasts may flinch at the thought of a Hollywood production depicting Bitcoin being used in underground circles, it should be noted that U.S. dollars, British pounds, and euros are routinely used as plot devices in films related to money laundering and other criminal enterprises. It should also be noted that Bitcoin and other digital currencies that run on public distributed ledgers are not conducive to money laundering since all transactions are permanently recorded on the blockchain for anyone to access. If anything, fiat currency such as the dollar, pound and euro are greater enablers of money laundering.

The fact that high-caliber actors such as Russell, Bledel, and Knapp will appear on a major Hollywood production about Bitcoin is good news for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. A decade ago, the sleek financial thriller “21” featured a young cast that helped to spread interest in the game of blackjack and the world of casino gaming; even though the plot of “21” involved a gambling fraud scheme, the casino industry was painted in a positive light.

A couple of other films featuring cryptocurrencies are currently under production: one is a remake of “Super Fly” while the other is a Russian story about two friends who lose a hard drive containing millions worth of Bitcoin tokens.

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