Fixing the “Bro Culture”: Getting More Women Involved in Blockchain

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Fixing the “Bro Culture”: Getting More Women Involved in Blockchain

A recent publication put out a whole piece regarding the lagging female presence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. In addition, the article also gives data regarding how women can become more involved and how more doors can be opened to female entrepreneurs in crypto.

The author of the piece writes:

“I have the pleasure to lead a cryptocurrency company. I love this industry, but my industry has a problem. We have a ‘bro culture.’ If you go to a cryptocurrency conference, most of the attendees are men. Most of the speakers are men. Most of the leaders of crypto companies are men… I want to be a male ally. I want my daughters to grow up in a world where they truly have the same opportunities in technology that I had.”



  • 1 Self-Education
  • 2 Tech Industry Bias
  • 3 Closing the Gender-Gap

The writer then offers seven ways women can become more involved in blockchain and experience more opened doors, the first being to educate themselves. He comments that most women are not likely to put themselves forward as speakers, nor are they as likely to exhibit the same aggressive behavior one might see in men when going for a job or something else a person might want.

In this sense, he says women – if they wish to get more involved in blockchain – need to spend time learning about the subject on their own. Not everyone will step forward to give them books, data and relevant information regarding the subject. If women want to become more involved, they need to take the time to study and “let themselves in” on the secrets of bitcoin and its altcoin cousins.

Tech Industry Bias

The second is to remove unconscious bias. He comments that many men who run tech companies have a subconscious idea that women are somehow not qualified. That a position in the tech industry isn’t fit for the opposite gender. Thus, both men and women need to be educated regarding the dangers of such thinking.

Third, women need to push through the door and just jump into a crypto role no matter how small or insignificant it may appear at the time. One needs to look at the situation and realize that while they likely won’t land a six-figure income right away, it’s better to start small than not at all.

Closing the Gender-Gap

The fourth step is to create new role models. The author says that “women are missing” from the blockchain sector, and that most blockchain and cryptocurrency courses taught at universities or other educational institutions are taught by males. He says this needs to change, and that some women have managed to enter the crypto space and work their way up by maintaining a thick skin and a tough attitude. He’s confident that if other women do this as well, the gender gap will be closed permanently.

Fifth involves the topic of equity. He says that most equity funding largely goes to male figures, and that women should (and could) play a larger role on the boards of venture capital funds. Female-driven startups could play a large role in the future, and he says women need just as much access to this money as men do.

The sixth step involves building more support networks. Women should be able to gather and discuss their plans for blockchain and be privy to special mentorship that offers them guidance and inclusive rights. Lastly, the author says we must tackle the culture issues that have long plagued America and abroad and give way to the idea that both women and men play equal roles when running the country, and that the time has finally come to turn our backs on the past and pave the way for more women to lead.

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