Bitcoin Could See $18,000 Should Breakout Occur, Pattern Suggests


Bitcoin Breakout Could Send it to $13,000… or $18,000

Again, Bitcoin (BTC) volatility has dropped through the floor, with the cryptocurrency finding itself trading within $10,500 to $11,000 for over a day now. While some suggest that the lack of positive price action is a sign of an impending secondary drop, during which some analysts expect Bitcoin to fall under $9,000 and maybe even $8,000, BTC may just be preparing to break out.

Per a chart from Nunya Bizniz, Bitcoin’s four-hour candles are currently trading in a bull flag, which is marked by a downward sloping channel after a strong uptrend.

Should Bitcoin break out from the top line of the current bull flag, which is currently situated at $12,300, Bizniz suggests that a 25% gain is likely — implying an appreciation to $15,000 if such a move higher occurs in the near future. The 25% gain figure was presumably derived from studies.

BTC 4hr Bull Flag:
1. Breakout from top line of "regular" bull flag = Avg gain of 25%
2. Breakout from top line of "High & Tight" bull flag = Avg gain of 69%.
High & Tight occurs after a 90% rise. Present flag pole rise = 84%.
Breakout targets = $13K to $18K
Center = Resist

— Nunya Bizniz (@Pladizow) July 22, 2019

$15,000 is just a low-end estimate. As Bizniz goes on to point out, the bull flag that Bitcoin is currently situated in could be defined as a “High & Tight” bull flag, a special iteration of the pattern that normally marks a short-term pit stop in an uptrend. Because, according to Bizniz’s definition of a High & Tight, they occur after a 90% rise, which is just what BTC experienced when it rallied from $7,500 to $14,000.

Breakouts from this form of a bull flag result in an average 70% gain, implying a rally to $18,000 and beyond.

BTC Drops, as do Alts

But said breakout might not occur. In the past hour, Bitcoin has dropped by $300 to $10,200, while altcoins have shed even more than the market leader.

Also, as this Ichimoku Cloud-centric analyst recently pointed out, Bitcoin’s one-day chart is looking all too good. He notes that the Heikin Ashi candle trend is weakening, as marked by small candles after large downtrend candles. Other Ichikmoku Cloud indicators implying bearish price action includes the Chikou line being now below the price, the Tenkan and Kijun lines pointing lower, and the price entering the Kumo band. Per a later tweet from the trader, the move that follows could bring BTC into the $7,000 range.

$BTC 1D bearish scenario
– Heikin Ashi trend weakening (smaller candles after bigger) and Kishoku Master still bearish
– Chikou is now below price
– Tenkan and Kijun are pointing down, and if they continue we'll see a bearish twist
– Price entered the Kumo

— h⬡dl21⬡⬡k (@h0dl2100k) July 22, 2019

This semi-target lines up with an analysis of the Mayer Multiple by CryptoKea, a little-known analyst that accurately called the recent drop to at least $9,700 earlier this month. He suggests that if Bitcoin is seeing history repeat, meaning that this ongoing rally turns out like 2016’s first bull rally, BTC could reverse to anywhere from $7,148 to $8,700. This corresponds to 1.20 times to 1.46 times of the 200-day moving average, which currently sits at $5,957.

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