Thursday, March 4, 2021

Xpring Hackathon Winners Debut Interledger Powered Payment App at UBRI Connect

Senior Product Manager Warren Anderson discussed the Interoperability Hackathon at UC Berkeley hosted by the Blockchain at Berkeley Club. Anderson explained how the participants both on site and working remotely around the world built new applications using the Xpring SDK.

The apps leveraged the new Xpring platform to easily monetize with both Interledger and XRP. Anderson was then joined on stage by the two of the hackathon winners: Aush Aggarwal and Eric Hou.

The duo’s team built a transfer payment solution that leverages QR codes and the power of Interledger to send money and avoid the friction they experienced using popular apps like Venmo. Hou explained that using ILP and QR codes allowed their new app to have almost universal accessibility across platforms and devices, while maintaining the privacy of each user.

To learn more about the Hackathon winners and the Xpring SDK visit:

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