Tuesday, October 27, 2020

We are finally launching the Bidao Warrior Bounty Program – Check it out today

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⚔️ Bidao Warrior Bounty Program ⚔️

We are happy to introduce our new Bidao Warrior Bounty Program on Twitter 👊

How does it work?
The users with the most tweets the day we end our ICO using any of the five hashtags will win amazing prizes (tokens and other prizes!).

How to join our program 🗡
1. Add “Bidao” somewhere in your Twitter name and also add “Bidao” into your Twitter bio.
2. Tweet using the hashtags #BidaoDeFi #BidaoWorld #BidaoWarrior #BidaoCommunity #BidaoCrypto
3. You don’t need to use all the hashtags in your tweets, you can only use one so you have more space to tweet. The participants with the most tweets in every hashtag will get great prizes.
4. You can tweet as many times as you want, but the tweets have to be real (not by bots and have to be written manually). If you use bots to mass tweet, you will be taken off the program. You also can’t spam others with your tweets. Answers to other tweets don’t count as part of the program.

🏆 1st: 100,000 BID tokens
🥈 2nd: 50,000 BID tokens
🥉 3rd: 25,000 BID tokens
🏅 4th: 25,000 BID tokens
🏅 5th: 15,000 BID tokens
🏅 6 to 10th: Bidao Ledger S
🎖 10 to 15th: Bidao Backpack
🎖 15 to 25th: Bidao Umbrella

There will be special prizes to the best memes posted with the hashtags.
The winners will be announced after the ICO ends.

Good luck, warriors ⚔️