Friday, October 30, 2020

Basti announcing the “Warrior Of The Month”! Congrats to our awesome warriors.

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Hey Bidao Warriors, how are you doing?
Today we are announcing the “Warrior Of The Month” 🏆

🗡 Every month the two most-active Bidao warriors will receive our full package including the limited-edition Bidao Nano Ledger S, the Bidao backpack, the Bidao headphones, the Bidao Cap, Shirt, Hoodie and the “Bitcoin Standard” book (+many extras…)
– Furthermore, these warriors will receive the official Bidao trophy 🏆

🎖 Every year we will select one “Warrior Of The Year”, who will receive the full package for his whole family (*4). Additionally, this warrior will receive the official “Warrior Of The Year” trophy.

🚨 To become the Warrior Of The Month 🚨
– Be very active and comment below our posts/videos/tweets 👨‍💻
– Answer questions about Bidao on all channels 📍
– Be a real warrior and help us to succeed on our mission ⚔️

Congrats to: Pavan Kumar Malladi and Law of Attraction. You won!!

 We are really excited 👊