Saturday, December 5, 2020

Bitcoin, DeFi , Yield Farming, and Ethereum Update

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Huobi Global looks to become key player in Polkadot ecosystem

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Congresspeople speak out against Tlaib’s anti-stablecoin bill

On Wednesday night, Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib introduced a bill before the U.S. House of Representatives looking to make fiat-pegged stablecoin operators abide by the...

Bitcoin traders nervous after $19.5K rejection — Here are the bear, bull scenarios

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) was rejected by the $19,500 resistance level yet again on Dec. 4, with traders becoming increasingly uncertain about what's...
Latest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news and trends. We take a look at the key events affecting the blockchain sector and review market movements. Combining both fundamental analysis and technical analysis to give you full coverage of the crypto space. Find out the latest developments in DeFi and yield farming.

0:00 Introduction
0:52 Sushiswap ($SUSHI)
3:09 Mining scams and impermanent loss
5:59 Swerve ($SWRV)
11:09 Market recap
15:47 What I’m doing?
17:15 Lessons from 2017
21:17 Sushiswap ($SUSHI)
36:24 Yield farming pool recap
44:39 China fever in DeFi/yield farming
48:10 Crypto risks
50:57 PLAIR ($PLA), 8Hours Foundation, NFTs
52:53 CREAM
53:38 yfBeta ($YFBETA)
54:57 YUNo Finance ($YUNO)
59:05 Trustswap ($SWAP)
1:02:35 ETH 2 vs Yield farming?
1:05:04 YFI vaults
1:06:52 What’s the incentive for Sam to develop Sushiswap?
1:09:21 Yffi Finance ($YFFI) lessons, YFValue ($YFV)

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