Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Nexo – Imagine (Cover)

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Disclaimer: This video was sent to us by a Nexonian and, while any opinions and other content within it are the author’s own, we thought it was so brilliant that we had to share it with the wider community.

Imagine there’s no PayPal
A gentle offer from above
No hidden fees below us
To the moon you take a ride
Imagine all the people living off Bitcoin

Imagine no need for selling
Your crypto works for you
Nothing to spend or wait for
And no exchanges too
Imagine all the people using Nexo card, you

You may say I’m a dreamer
but Rasto isn’t the only one
I see the boom right ahead of us
so hold this token as if it’s the one

Imagine no centralisations
A single wallet plan
No need to ask or bother
The community on Telegram
Imagine all the people earning dividends, you

You may call it crypto-fever
But I’m from Satoshi clan
The sooner you join us
The banking world will be as one

Join us: