Saturday, February 27, 2021

ZKSwap (ZKS) Layer-2 DEX | Save on Ethereum Gas Fee!

Decentralised Finance (DeFi) have becoming increasingly popular for the past few months. The DeFi boom has caused Ethereum gas fee to spike tremendously. ZkSwap ($ZKS) is a layer-2 token swap protocol based on zk-Rollups technology, a new type of Layer-2 scalability solution.

In this video, we are going to further explain what is ZKSwap and its technology, demonstrate how to use its interface and update on the current status of its development and tokenomics.
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0:00 What is ZKSwap?
00:56 ZKSwap Layer-2 DEX Interface
01:16 ZKSwap Gas Price
02:38 Problem: Ethereum congestion due to the rise of Decentralised Finance
03:28 Solution: Ethereum Layer-2 Scaling
05:07 How to use ZKSwap?
07:05 Proof of Gas
08:21Benefits of Layer-2 Solution
09:15 zk-Rollup Technology explained
11:27 What are the drawbacks of Layer-2 Scaling Solution?
13:35 ZKSwap Current Development
15:02 Get Rewarded with ZKSwap Testnet Incentive Program
15:50 ZKS Token: Use Cases & Token Allocation
17:28 Conclusion

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