Sunday, February 28, 2021

Cross-chain Decentralised Swap Pools – Poolz.Finance with Guy Oren ($POOLZ) aims to be the bridge between cryptocurrency projects and early investors. It is a decentralized swapping protocol for cross-chain token pools and auctions. In this episode, we speak to Guy Oren, CEO & Co-founder of Poolz.Finance, about the inspiration behind this project, how it works and why is this the top trends of this launch pool

0:36 What was the inspiration behind POOLZ and how it works?
1:31 What is the problem that POOLZ trying to solve in the cryptocurrency space?
2:25 Launch pools and launch pads have been trending in the market right now. What are your thoughts?
6:09 What is the status of the project?
6:40 When will the cross-chain function be deployed?
7:00 How do you build the community of projects to list on POOLZ? And what is the current status? How many projects have registered to list on POOLZ?
7:59 How do you recruit the community of contributors? What is the plan for that?
8:33 What is the use of the $POOLZ token?
10:22 Do you need to hold the$POOLZ token in order to participate in any of the pools?
10:52 Do $POOLZ token holders get to vote on what projects come next and how the deal works?
12:04 What are the differences between pools that anyone can create and pools that get promoted and featured?
13:11How big is the team to manage the projects?
15:56 If people are interested on POOLZ, how do they get involved and where do they find out more info about the project?

Read more about POOLZ at

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