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Latest LTC Core Upgrade Quells Fears of No Development at Litecoin

In brief: Developers at the Litecoin project have released the latest core upgrade dubbed v0.18.1. News of the available upgrade comes months after investors feared there was no active development at the Litecoin project. This release quells any fears that development at the Litecoin project had hi..

Crypto Twitter Links Major Bitcoin (BTC) Dips to A. Pompliano’s Tweets

In brief: Crypto Twitter has linked bullish tweets by the Co-Founder and Partner at Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompliano, to Bitcoin experiencing periods of heavy correction. To prove this correlation, a few members of Crypto Twitter have superimposed dates of similar bullish tweets to the corre..

Bitcoin Derivatives Exchanges to Have a Separate Page on Coinmarketcap

In brief: Early this month, Coinmarketcap changed the algorithm used to rank crypto exchanges. The changes saw Bitmex, ByBit, and Deribit ranked 175th, 177th, and 179th respectively. The team at Coinmarketcap has explained that a separate page for derivative platforms will be added soon. There is ..

Bitcoin (BTC) Losing $9,300 Support Will Open the Doors to Sub $9K

In brief: Bitcoin’s journey above $10,000 has been hammered down three times. On a macro level, this forms a classic Triple top that could lead to lower levels as cautioned by Mr. John Bollinger. BTC losing $9,300 will probably open the doors to lower levels below $9,000. The month of June has see..

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Author Admits that He Loves Bitcoin (BTC)

In summary: ‘Rich Dad Poor Dady’ author, Robert Kiyosaki has admitted that he loves Bitcoin. His comments were part of advice to investors requesting them to invest in what they love. Mr. Kiyosaki has been vocal about hedging against the unlimited Quantitative Easing by investing in assets that sto..

BitMex En Route to Launching a Mobile App to Trade Crypto Futures

Quick take: BitMex has indirectly announced that it has been working on a mobile version of its trading platform. The revelation came in the form of a poll on the popular messaging platform of Telegram. This comes after competitors such as Binance and Deribit, slowly but slowly gaining momentum as ..

Bitcoin Going Above 10k Was a Head Fake, Time to Short BTC – Bollinger

In brief: John Bollinger has labeled Bitcoin’s move to approximately $10,400 as a head fake. Mr. Bollinger advises traders and investors to be cautious henceforth or to short BTC. Traders and investors might get a cheaper Bitcoin in the coming days. The Inventor of Bolling Bands, John Bollinger, ha..

Ethereum’s (ETH) Push Above $250 Halted by Bitcoin’s Flash Crash

In brief: $250 is a major resistance zone for Ethereum. ETH had managed to break this price level and briefly traded at $253. The push was short-lived as Bitcoin dumped hard taking down the entire crypto market with it. Stats show that whales moved a lot of Bitcoin to Binance and Bitmex before the ..

Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin’s (BTC) Rally Aint Real Until We Take Out $15k

In brief: Bitcoin broke the $10,000 psychological price barrier and briefly traded at $10,383. Less than 24 hours later, BTC fell hard to $9,266 in what appears to be a classic Bart Simpson pattern. Bitmex’s Co-Founder and CEO, Arthur Hayes, believes Bitcoin’s rally is not real until $15,000 is bro..

Bitcoin & Crypto’s Dr. Doom Had Warned About Riots back in March

In brief: In early March, Professor Nouriel Roubini had warned of the looming US and Global economic crisis due to the spread of the Coronavirus. He had predicted that there would be a ripple effect of unemployment and a disruption in the global food supply chain that would lead to riots. The unfor..

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