BitShares (BTS)

Created Nov 2014
Coin Proof Proof of Stake
Algorithm SHA-512
Supply 2,511,953,117

BitShares Info

BitShares is an industrial-grade decentralized platform built for high-performance financial smart contracts.

The decentralized exchange that allows for trading of arbitrary pairs without counterparty risk facilitates only one out of many available features.

Market-pegged assets, such as the bitUSD, are crypto-tokens that come with all the advantages of traditional cryptocurrencies like bitcoin but trade for at least the value of their underlying asset, e.g. $1.

Furthermore, BitShares represents the first decentralized autonomous company that lets its shareholders decide on its future direction and products. - source

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Cryptocurrency Bank AriseBank To Acquire 100 Year Old FDIC Bank; Partner With BitShares.

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