BurstCoin (BURST)

Created Jun 2014
Coin Proof Proof of Capacity
Algorithm Shabal256
Supply 2,158,812,800

BurstCoin Info

Introducing BurstCoin, a cryptocurrency based on proofs of capacity instead of wasteful proofs of work.

Mining in BurstCoin is designed to have low setup and overhead costs, yielding a fairer reward structure for small and large miners.

Miners in BurstCoin dedicate disk space rather than computation.

By design, BurstCoin adapts proof-of-capacity for the cryptocurrency setting, and proposes a new block chain format and transaction types that prevent attacks that exploit the inexpensiveness of mining (from which alternative non-proof-of-work-based proposals have suffered).

Note: The realization of the concepts in the SpaceMint whitepaper exists as BurstCoin, which now uses Proof of Capacity, a form of SpaceMint's Proof of Space. - source

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