Crypto Conference Attendees Prepare to Enter a 3D Virtual World

News Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have found new ways to come together amid the global coronavirus lockdown. A crypto conference called BlockDown 2020 is scheduled to take place in the virtual realm this month, with big name personalities from the blockchain community set to appear as..

Sweden’s ‘Lagom’ Response to Coronavirus: No Masks, Keep The Economy Going With a “No...

Pundits globally are flabbergasted Swedes still go to cafés, to restaurants and to hang out in parks without face masks on. The Coronavirus in Sweden has so far claimed 611 deaths, with 7,849 confirmed cases. Swedish people still send their kids to school and are not hoarding much of anything compar..

One-Third of Bitcoin Cash’s Supply Has Never Been Touched

News Data from CoinMetrics shows that roughly one-third of the circulating supply of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has never been touched. Coinmetrics also estimates that 2.3 million Bitcoins (BTC) have not moved in over five years — comprising 12.5% of the nearly 18.4 million BTC in circulation. 32.6% of ci..

Finding Digital Answers to Global Sustainability Threats

Expert Take According to NASA, the World Meteorological Organization and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a scientific agency within the United States Department of Commerce, the last 10 years leading up to the end of 2019, as well as the last winter, has been confirmed as the ..

Italy’s Top News Agency Uses Blockchain to Fight Fake Coronavirus News

News Amid the global pandemic crisis, the importance of ensuring trusted information is getting more crucial as fake coronavirus news poses a direct threat to life and health of people worldwide. While some global jurisdictions are imposing fines and imprisonment for spreading false coronavirus in..

Canaan Crypto Mining Firm Lawsuit to Get Underway Next Month

As litigation begins for crypto mining equipment manufacturer Canaan over its IPO, shareholders must decide on the lead plaintiff by May. The Crypto Class Action Lawsuit Against Canaan IPO In an official release today, leading law firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP announced that the decision dea..

P2P Protocol Aims to Simplify Crypto Wallet Transactions With Domain Names

News A new protocol is hoping to make peer-to-peer transactions between various wallets and cryptocurrencies simpler for users. FIO Protocol, which launched its mainnet chain on March 26, provides users with interoperable domain names instead of alphanumeric blockchain addresses. An acronym for th..

NFT Floodgates Open With Impressive Lineup of Blockchain Games in 2020

Analysis Blockchain in the gaming industry is one of the space’s hot topics of 2019. This year is catching the interest of both young independent developers and large corporations. Conferences and hackathons are periodically held around the world for developers to search for new ideas for integrat..

Bitcoin Price Breaks $7.3K But Analyst Sees $13.8K Soon

Bitcoin price has been rallying on Tuesday, but that’s only the beginning, according to a market analyst. His technical analysis suggests that might update the 12-month high by June. Bitcoin Price Rally Will Get Steeper Bitcoin almost touched $7,500 earlier today, updating the highest level since Ma..

How Cointelegraph Team Is Coping With the Coronavirus Crisis All Over the World

Overview The coronavirus pandemic has been changing the global economy, our lifestyle, our ways of interacting with each other and our vision of the future. The Cointelegraph team keeps working from home offices, and all the events we planned to participate in have been canceled. But there is stil..

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