Crypto Custody: What Is It & Why Is It So Important?

Cryptocurrency custody. It’s become a big buzzword lately, but what is it and why is it so important? Join us as we go over this exciting new offering that is powering the massive influx of institutional cash into cryptocurrency assets and markets. This is big, so read on.The Lowdown On Custody ..

The Power of Crypto: $933 Million Worth of Bitcoin Sent for $4

Bitcoin’s utility has long been questioned by its cynics. They see the cryptocurrency as nothing more than a worthless digital currency, meant only for those on the fringe, namely criminals and staunch anti-establishment figures. But, recent massive transactions made with the cryptocurrency have sh..

Libra Confirms 21 Founding Members as Regulatory Pressure Mounts

Libra hasn’t had the best of times since it was unveiled in June. The cryptocurrency project has, as readers likely well know, has been subject to immense scrutiny from the powers that be, with regulators citing fears of financial stability risk and potential criminal activity to try and discredit L..

Ripple & Coinbase Take Aim at Latin America With Bitso Investment

In the past few days, San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has seen its prospects for global expansion improve considerably. On October 14th, Bitso — one of the most popular crypto exchanges in Mexico — revealed the completion of a new fundraising round led by Ripple and with partic..

Ether Up: New Record Set for Total Value (in ETH) Locked in DeFi

Signals of growth continue to light the way forward for the Ethereum ecosystem, with the latest being a newly established record for the total value locked in decentralized finance projects when that value is denominated in ether (ETH). That’s per tracker site DeFi Pulse, whose “Total Value Locked ..

Meet Athereum: Avalanche Consensus for the Benefit of Ethereum

Ethereum is currently the leading smart contracts platform, and Avalanche is a powerful consensus mechanism among the new Snow-Avalanche family of protocols unveiled by the anonymous Team Rocket team last year. Now, the cryptoeconomy is looking at a rising meld between the two.Revealed at this y..

Fidelity Doesn’t Want Retail Investors Making Mistakes With Bitcoin

Last year, financial services behemoth Fidelity Investments made a massive splash in the Bitcoin scene when it revealed that it had launched a cryptocurrency-centric branch, Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS). The idea with FDAS was that institutional investors could gain access to high-quality..

Bitmain Co-Founder Wary of Bullish Bitcoin Halving Narrative

Bitcoin has been revolutionary in many ways. For instance, It is the first decentralized money (that has worked). But arguably most importantly, it is the first digital asset that has immense scarcity enforced by an algorithm. Every four years, Bitcoin’s block reward gets cut in half in what is kno..

Chinese Central Bank Ramps Up Digital Currency Hires

The central bank of Asia’s biggest superpower is looking to hire a half dozen experts, including veterans of cryptography and blockchain development, for its ongoing digital currency efforts. The 2020-focused hiring push comes as part of annual recruitment drive held by the People’s Bank of China, ..

Vitalik Buterin Shows How Coming Evolution of Ethereum Might Look

Many stakeholders in the cryptocurrency ecosystem know that Ethereum is starting its major multi-phase Serenity upgrade next year, and some of those stakeholders can explain the technical intricacies of that transition in detail. Yet there are others in the space who are knowledgeable about Ethereu..

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