Trustless Bitcoin in Ethereum DeFi: Examining the Possibilities of tBTC

Tokenize useful things to be even more useful, that’s the Ethereum way. It’s this rationale — and lots of recent work around it — that’s given rise to the popularity of Ethereum stablecoins, which are pegged to major currencies to provide more stable stores of value within the cryptoeconomy. With t..

Top Fund Manager: Treasury’s New Crypto Rules Could Help Industry

Over the past few weeks, there’s been a growing concern amongst cryptocurrency investors of an impending crackdown on Bitcoin service providers. This concern doesn’t come unwarranted; at the start of the year, European Union countries activated an anti-money laundering directive, which had a clause..

Litecoin’s Charlie Lee Casts Doubt on Ethereum-Based DeFi After Recent “Attack”

If you’ve been following Ethereum’s developments at all over the past few months, you’ve likely heard of (and potentially experienced) the growth in the blockchain’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Decentralized finance, which is effectively the migration of financial services offered by ba..

Bitcoin’s Weekend Volatility Around $10,000 Has Analysts Fearing the Worst

Until this weekend, Bitcoin was on a near-unstoppable trend higher, rallying past key levels in the $7,000s, $8,000s, and $9,000s over the course of a few weeks. Though, over the past few days, the cryptocurrency has started to falter, plunging as low as $9,700 from last week’s high of $10,550 — a d..

Top Analyst Confirms $100,000 Bitcoin Price Target For End of 2021

While the price of Bitcoin is not yet past the previous all-time high of $20,000, investors have recently started to wonder where the next cryptocurrency bull cycle will take the asset. Some bears have said that the ongoing recovery is but an “echo bubble,” which will see the cryptocurrency’s stren..

“No Rollbacks”: BitMEX Says After 62% XRP Flash Crash

Earlier this month, leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange BitMEX finally added a financial vehicle for XRP’s pair against USD, the Ripple quanto swap, which allows for traders to trade the popular altcoin with large amounts of leverage. Although market participants across the board were quite..

Analysts Admit Bitcoin Could See Larger Price Pullback After 3% Drop

For the second day in a row, Bitcoin declined, falling from to $10,150 since finding a local top at $10,550 earlier this week. After this more-than-3% drop, analysts are becoming convinced the cryptocurrency will see a deeper pullback, citing a variety of technical analysis- and charting-related re..

Inside a DeFi Aggregator for Optimized Yield Opportunities

The Ethereum ecosystem is experiencing rapid growth, and a non-trivial portion of that blooming is being driven by a surge of interest around its decentralized finance, or DeFi, apps. Indeed, it’s precisely the permissionless programmability and composability that Ethereum’s DeFi sector affords tha..

What is Lendroid? Non-Custodial Lending Engine for Blockchain Financial Services

Margin lending is a vital part of any financial system. Many traders want to use leverage to amplify their exposure to a given market, and Lendroid has a novel solution for crypto traders. Using leverage is generally done in an unsophisticated way by retail investors. A broker provides margin lendi..

Chainlink Updates: Meta Oracles & LINK Embraced By Swipe App for Secure Price Data

Chainlink has a hot hand so far in 2020. The latest in a flurry of recent developments for the decentralized oracle project came on February 12th when Swipe, a digital currency app, revealed it had integrated Chainlink’s tech into its payments network. In an associated explainer post, Swipe’s marke..

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