Watch Out Libra: Stablecoin Backed by Major Asian Currencies Could Be Coming

Last summer, Facebook brought the concept of basketcoins, i.e. stablecoins backed by multiple assets rather than just one, into the limelight with its reveal of the Libra project. Since then, Facebook and the other 26 members of the Libra Association have notably backed away from plans for a pure b..

France Announces Successful Test of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC)

The central bank in France has announced a successful test of a proposed central bank digital currency (CBDC), becoming the latest nation to run pilot demonstrations of sovereign virtual currencies. With the initial test completed, the Banque de France says it has more experiments to conduct with t..

New Report Suggests U.S. Military Is Losing Blockchain Race to China & Russia

Recent war game scenarios suggest the U.S. is ill-prepared to contend with the combined military might of China and Russia. Now, a new report suggests the U.S. is also increasingly lagging behind its biggest geopolitical rivals when it comes to militarizing blockchain technology. That report, title..

Prominent Ethereum Commentator Thinks ETH 2.0 May Lead to Deflation

Ethereum 2.0 has not even launched but commentators are trying to speculate as to what effect this sweeping blockchain upgrade will have on Ether’s monetary properties and characteristics. One prominent Ethereum commentator has suggested that with the introduction of staking and a certain improveme..

Bitcoin Plunges Under $9,000: What Do Analysts Think Comes Next?

Just over 24 hours, investors were expecting Bitcoin to push past $10,000 for the first time in weeks. Now, the cryptocurrency is plunging lower, recently reaching a low of $8,930 — the lowest price since May 13th, just two days after the block reward halving. Bitcoin price chart from TradingView.c..

tBTC Team’s Path Forward After Early Emergency Pause on Ethereum

Ethereum-based ERC20 tokens can be used to tokenize just about anything, including bitcoin (BTC). To that end, Ethereum’s rising tokenized bitcoin sector has been experiencing an explosion of activity in recent weeks. One of the most promising newcomers to the scene is Keep Network’s tBTC token, wh..

Crypto Exchanges to Obtain License Under Iran’s Proposed Bill Amendment

The Iranian parliament recently met to review its currency smuggling laws to properly define the concept of currency smuggling and punish offenders. However, the proposal does not cover currency smuggling, but also extends to crypto exchanges. While most exchanges operate outside of Iran, the propo..

“Save Yourself” With Bitcoin and Gold: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Author

Bitcoin and the equities market may have both mounted rapid comebacks from their March lows, but there remain economic storm clouds brewing on the horizon. As Jerome Powell, chairman of the Federal Reserve, explained in a recent speech, the ongoing recession caused by the COVID-19 outbreak is one “w..

A Satoshi-Era Wallet Just Moved 50 Bitcoin. But Apparently, It Isn’t Satoshi

As many readers are likely well aware of, just hours ago, a Bitcoin address created in February 2009 sent its first transaction, transacting 50 coins generated by mining to two other addresses. 50 BTC is not a large amount of money in macro terms — it’s around $500,000 in a market worth in excess o..

Crypto Exchange AAX Partners with Solidus Labs to Combat Market Manipulation

Atom Asset Exchange (AAX) — an institutional-grade crypto trading platform — is partnering with Solidus Labs to use the latter’s market surveillance tools in combating manipulation in the cryptocurrency trading space. The move is part of efforts by the London Stock Exchange (LSEG) Technology-backed..

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