Troy Trade Review: Decentralized Crypto Trading & Asset Management

The cryptocurrency trading world is expanding, and new companies like Troy Trade are working to extend prime brokerage services to established financial firms, as well as crypto-trading operations that need a tier 1 liquidity provider that operates in numerous crypto liquidity pools. Troy Trade is ..

How To Short Bitcoin: Complete Guide

Bitcoin is dancing around the $9,000 USD mark currently, and while some traders are talking about a bull run, others are thinking about a possible fall in price and wondering how to short Bitcoin. When a trader goes short, they are hoping to profit in the fall of an instrument’s value. If a trader ..

Head of Massive Bank Admits Central Banks are Ineffective: Bitcoin Fixes This

Ever since the Great Recession of 2008, central banks, by traditional standards, have been acting weird. Really weird. Interest rates fell to their lowest points in literal centuries while central banks began what has been dubbed “quantitative easing” — when a central bank buys large amounts of gov..

Bitcoin Bull McAfee: Crypto Companies Shouldn’t Need to Stop Crime

Like a majority of other digital technologies, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have been used by criminals for criminal activity. There’s no getting around it or sugarcoating it. It should come as no surprise then that the world’s authorities are forcing digital asset exchanges and service providers to..

Top Chinese Official: Digital Yuan Will Generally Respect Privacy

Amid growing reports of accelerated development around a digital yuan, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s related call last month for blockchain to become “core technology” in China made some cryptocurrency analysts warn of intensified surveillance ramifications in the country. Now, an important offici..

Canadian Banking Giant RBC Applies for New Cryptocurrency Sector Patents

Canada’s largest bank by market capitalization has applied for four new patents that suggest the company could be aiming to launch cryptocurrency services. That’s per Canadian trade publication The Logic, which reported this week that the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) has filed for a spate of new pate..

Bitmain & Canaan IPOs: The New Bitcoin Mining Gold Rush

Bitmain Technologies and Canaan Creative — two of the major Bitcoin mining firms are not prepared to give up hope of successfully navigating an IPO listing, this time in the US. With the top-ranked crypto experiencing significant gains in 2019, both mining behemoths have resurrected their IPO plans...

Central Bank Digital Currency Efforts Explode Ahead of China Crypto Launch

If you told someone on Wall Street or a central bank official ten years ago that there would be sovereign digital currencies, they likely would’ve laughed. But, these digital currencies are becoming reality. And quick.Central Banks Going All-In On Crypto? On Monday, CoinDesk reported that the Ban..

China’s Bitcoin Article May Not be Bullish for Bitcoin; Here’s Why

Yesterday, Bitcoin blew up… in China. As reported by Blockonomi, Xinhua, the leading state-run publication (and the purportedly most-read media outlet) of the People’s Republic of China, released an entire article on Bitcoin. The article, whose title roughly translates to “Bitcoin: The First Succes..

Nominex Review: Crypto Exchange With Own NMX Token & Referral Program

There are a lot of crypto exchanges to choose from. Nominex has a solid trading platform that allows trade in numerous token pairs. The token pairs are based on BTC, ETH, and USDT. Nominex clients also get access to instant deposits and top-notch security for any tokens on deposit with the exchange...

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