Best Bitcoin Debit Cards: The Ultimate Guide

The search for mainstream adoption remains a central theme in the cryptocurrency space, and crypto debit cards have been seen as a great way to bridge the gap between traditional finance and digital currencies. Bitcoin debit cards allow both cryptos and fiat currencies to integrate in a usable way ..

What The Simpsons Had to Say About Crypto in Sunday’s Episode

On Sunday night, in a move that caught many aback, The Simpsons a good portion of their latest episode (Season 31, Episode 13) to cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Bitcoin. While what was said was arguably questionable and somewhat inaccurate, this marks a large step forward for the awareness of this..

Tornado Ethereum Privacy Tool Is Okay With USDC Stablecoin Creators

Chris Blec is a content creator on YouTube whose channel specializes in Ethereum decentralized finance, or DeFi, topics. In recent months, Blec has earned a reputation for holding various Ethereum projects to account in the interest of users, particularly on the issues of decentralization, privacy,..

A Look at the NewsCrypto Platform: Crypto Education, Trading Tools & Indicators

Newscrypto is an all-in-one online cryptocurrency information platform. The world of crypto trading isn’t well understood by many people, and Newscrypto has created a way for everyday people to become more educated about cryptocurrency. Getting into crypto trading can be a little bit daunting, but ..

Policy Implications? Possible Joe Biden Cabinet Picks Have Crypto Opinions

According to a new report from Axios, advisers to Joe Biden’s 2020 U.S. presidential campaign are currently hashing out contenders for Cabinet picks, who — if Biden is voted into the White House this November — would become his top deputies atop some of America’s most consequential government instit..

Meme Pools: Alethea AI Rolls Out New DeFi Revenue Tool for Content Creators

A new era of synthetic media is coming, and Alethea AI aims to be an early bird at the sector’s forefront by combining artificial intelligence tech with Ethereum’s top DeFi “money lego” services to create innovative tools. That’s where the project’s new meme solution comes in. On Monday, March 30th..

Venezuelan President Maduro Used Crypto in Vast Drug Scheme, DOJ Says

As with any technology, people can use cryptocurrencies for both good and bad things. The despot Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro certainly became a face for the latter category upon unveiling a national crypto, the Petro, back in December 2017. That asset, which Maduro said would be backed by o..

IRS Plans Crypto Crackdown for Tax Evaders

The IRS, or Internal Revenue Service, has called for a summit to be held early next month to address the responsibilities that cryptos holders have from the standpoint of taxation. The US government agency has called on both crypto companies, and crypto advocates to attend the event. Cryptos are mo..

Bitcoin Plunges Under $6,000 as Global Markets Continue to Crash

Over the past few hours, Bitcoin investors across the world have had to deal with a shocking move; the cryptocurrency, after holding around $7,800 to $8,100 for three days, suddenly fell off a proverbial cliff, falling as low as $5,600. This meant that at today’s worse, BTC was down 25% on the day. ..

As Govt. Defends U.S. Economy: Coinbase Exec Departs to Steer Banking System

As the U.S. Treasury — which manages the revenues and minting duties of the American government — has kicked off emergency efforts to save a pandemic-stricken economy, cryptoeconomy brows were raised this week upon a notable new hire in the department’s influential banking bureau. That bureau, the ..

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