Bitcoin Price Holds Steady In High-$9,000s: Is There a Drop Coming?

Despite the Federal Reserve and other central banks continuing to signal that the ongoing recession will be the worst of the modern era — and potentially worse than the Great Depression — markets have continued to chug higher. Many U.S. equities are now only a mere 10% shy of their all-time highs, ..

Bitcoin Mining Revenue on the Decline Since Block Reward Halving

Bitcoin mining revenue is down by almost 50% from its pre-halving level with hash rate also showing a similar decline. The halving event which saw block rewards cut in half appears to be significantly impacting the bottom-line for miners especially as a new difficulty adjustment is yet to happen. ..

Early Bitcoin Investor Is Convinced Rally to $50k-$100k Is Coming

Bitcoin isn’t even past $10,000, let alone its previous all-time high of $20,000, but analysts are already speculating as to where the next bull market will take the cryptocurrency. $50,000-100,000 is a totally rational prediction, one prominent analyst explained. And here’s why. Bitcoin Will Soon..

Ethereum’s Next Big Thing? Uniswap V2 Launches with Major Optimizations

Automated liquidity protocol Uniswap has become the biggest hit in Ethereum’s decentralized exchange sector to date. Now, the project’s creators have raised the bar for decentralized trading again with the release of the new and improved Uniswap V2 protocol. On Monday, May 18th, the Uniswap team an..

Ethereum DeFi Smart Wallet App Argent Launches to Public

With improving user experience (UX) being a key area of need for the Ethereum ecosystem going forward, Argent’s mobile smart wallets are Ethereum’s newly arrived guardian angels. This week, the London-based Argent team launched its smart wallet app to the public after more than a year of beta devel..

The “60 Minutes” Federal Reserve Chairman Interview is Pleasing Bitcoin Bulls

To most, the going-ons of the Federal Reserve and other central banks are boring. But over the past few months, as COVID-19 has shut down the world’s economy, there has been a growing spotlight on central banks. People are starting to become concerned about whether or not these institutions can not..

J.K. Rowling Continues to Troll the Bitcoin Community to Her 14 Million Followers

Late last week, the Bitcoin and crypto community were blessed with what seemed like a gift: the billionaire author of the “Harry Potter” series, J.K. Rowling, was asking about Bitcoin — and she was genuinely interested. “I don’t understand Bitcoin. Please explain it to me,” Rowling said to CoinDesk..

Exploring Visa’s Digital Currency Patent Application: Toward a New Era of Finance?

Visa is one of the most successful and consequential payments companies in the world. Where the powerhouse enterprise places its efforts is thus no small matter. That’s why a newly published patent application for a blockchain-powered “digital fiat currency” system by the payments giant is not only.. An Award-Winning & Regulated Tokenized Asset Exchange is bringing next-generation tools to the world of currency trading. There are some major gaps in how cryptos are handled, and anyone who wants to use new monetary tools is faced with less-then perfect platforms, especially within the established financial system. As blockchain technolo..

Bloomberg Analyst: Central Bank Liquidity Is a “Prime Catalyst” to Boost Bitcoin

Since the crypto bubble of 2017 that brought Bitcoin from under $1,000 to $20,000 in 12 months’ time, investors have been wondering what will catalyze the next rally. While most have put their faith in the Bitcoin block reward halving, which came to pass early this week, a top commodities analyst s..

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