An Award-Winning & Regulated Tokenized Asset Exchange is bringing next-generation tools to the world of currency trading. There are some major gaps in how cryptos are handled, and anyone who wants to use new monetary tools is faced with less-then perfect platforms, especially within the established financial system. As blockchain technolo..

Bloomberg Analyst: Central Bank Liquidity Is a “Prime Catalyst” to Boost Bitcoin

Since the crypto bubble of 2017 that brought Bitcoin from under $1,000 to $20,000 in 12 months’ time, investors have been wondering what will catalyze the next rally. While most have put their faith in the Bitcoin block reward halving, which came to pass early this week, a top commodities analyst s..

The Cost to Transact Ethereum Has Quadrupled In the Past 2 Weeks

While both Bitcoin and Ethereum have seen strong technical improvements since the last bull run in 2017, the transaction throughputs of these blockchains still can’t handle much stress without fees skyrocketing. This much was made clear over the past few days as many have noted that the average tra..

Binance CEO: Names Africa an Untapped Market for Crypto

Changpeng Zhao, Founder and CEO of crypto exchange giant Binance, has described Africa as an untapped market place with a plethora of opportunities for blockchain technology and widespread cryptocurrency adoption. Africa’s Untapped Crypto Market During an interactive “ask me anything” session on Zo..

Inside Reddit’s Ethereum Embrace: Community Tokens for the Mainstream

Reddit is a juggernaut of a website when it comes to global popularity. That’s why the Ethereum community hailed one of its biggest adoption milestones yet this week upon Reddit’s beta launch of Ethereum-powered “Community Points” tokens. The first token roll outs will be $MOONS for the r/Cryptocu..

DeFi Liquidity Protocol Kyber Network Crosses $1 Billion Trading Volume Mark

In recent days, the Kyber Network liquidity protocol has accounted for almost 15% of all decentralized exchange (DEX) transactions atop Ethereum. That’s certainly an impressive statistic, but this week the Kyber community is happily celebrating a different milestone. That’s because on Thursday, Ma..

Bitcoin Miners Are Leaving the Network En-Masse After “Brutal” Halving

On the day of Bitcoin’s block reward halving earlier this week, digital asset manager and analyst Charles Edwards speculated that it would be the “most brutal halving in history,” noting how miners with skinny profit margins would be forced to capitulate out of the market after their revenues halve...

Bitcoin Surges to $9,700 Despite Federal Reserve’s Economic Fears

Bitcoin has continued to trend higher on Thursday after passing $9,000 on Wednesday, recently spiking as high as $9,950 to only return to $9,700 as of the time of this article’s writing. From the lows seen early this week, BTC is up 20%. Chart of Bitcoin’s price action from May 7 to today from Trad..

Tokenized Bitcoin on Ethereum: Is the Relationship Mutualistic or Zero-Sum?

An acute spike of interest around Bitcoin thanks to the OG blockchain’s recent “Halving” event has coincided with the ascension of prominent tokenized bitcoin projects built on Ethereum, like WBTC, tBTC, and PieDAO’s BTC++. What comes next, then? Debates have accordingly kicked off in the cryptoec..

Ethereum Privacy Tool Tornado Cash on the Verge of Being “Unstoppable”

In recent months, the Ethereum ecosystem has made considerable strides in several key areas, including scaling, UX, and privacy. The rising Tornado Cash privacy tool is one of Ethereum’s brightest stars on the lattermost front, and now the much needed solution is almost ready for the big time. Pri..

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