Meet the Unknown Fund: Donating $75M Bitcoin to Privacy Initiatives

As you likely know, the data of citizens are being pushed into the hands of a small set of companies. And this isn’t good. The oil of the 21st century, data is what drives today’s society; everything you do online is logged and used—often under the guise of “improving your life.” Sometimes, service..

Ethereum “Money Lego” Compound Secures $25 Million Series A

Compound, the builders behind one of the most popular decentralized finance apps on Ethereum, just raised an impressive $25 million war chest in a Series A fundraising round that was backed by some of the cryptocurrency arena’s biggest investors. Revealed on November 14th, the Series A raise saw ve..

New Tezos ETP Hits Top Swiss Stock Exchange with Staking Rewards Tied In

The latest exchange-traded product linked to a cryptocurrency has been listed on Switzerland’s top stock exchange, and it’s the first ETP of its kind. Swiss fintech startup Amun AG, which has launched 8 ETPs tied to top cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, ether, and BNB on SIX Swiss Exchange since last ..

PayPal’s PornHub Blacklisting Offers Crypto Adoption Opportunity

PayPal has suddenly ceased offering support for popular adult entertainment website PornHub. Performers on the platform now have to use other payout methods which include cryptocurrencies with some industry leaders saying the development is a positive for mainstream crypto adoption. In recent times..

Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP & Litecoin Price Analysis 15th Nov

Bitcoin price is following a bearish path below the $9,000 area. BTC/USD is now approaching the next key break and it could either rally above $9,000 or decline heavily towards $8,000. Similarly, there was a steady decline in most major altcoins, including Ethereum (ETH), ripple (XRP), bitcoin cash..

Why Bitcoin: China Testing Ban of Cash Transactions to Stave Off Crime

The need for a form of decentralized money like Bitcoin was just validated… again. The reason: one of the world’s largest economics has just announced that it will be restricting large cash transactions, seemingly to eliminate crime, control the capital of their citizens better, and to force centra..

Crypto Market Update: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP & XLM Price Analysis 1st Nov

Bitcoin price rallied significantly above the $8,700 and $9,200 resistance levels. BTC/USD even climbed above $10,400 before starting a downside correction. The price is currently consolidating above $9,000 and preparing for the next break. Similarly, there were strong gains in most major altcoins,..

Binance to Open Beijing Office After President Xi Endorses Blockchain

When Binance launched in 2017, it was headquartered in China — the long-time home of an array of leading Bitcoin startups, including Bitmain. But, when the country announced that it had intentions to ban cryptocurrency trading, the now prominent cryptocurrency upstart moved a majority of its operat..

200 German Banks Call for Digital Euro with Smart Contract Compatibility

A digital euro with smart contract functionalities backed by the European Union? It could and should happen, according to the Association of German Banks. The association, a collective of private banks that coordinate as the principal lobbyists for Germany’s finance industry and counts national mai..

Bitcoin Market Debacle: Coinbase Pro Goes Down, Price Goes Wild

What a day it’s been for the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets. Thursday saw the leading cryptocurrency trade at some absurd levels on some leading platforms due to an array of technological patterns. Some say that this decimates any chances of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) making it to mar..

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