World Economic Forum : Central Bank Digital Currencies a Popular Topic At Davos

Over the past few days, some of the world’s most powerful people — the 1% of the 1%, so to speak — have convened in Davos, Switzerland to talk just about everything at events, namely the World Economic Forum of 2020. Years ago, a mention of words “Bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” would likely elicit l..

BIS: Central Banks Undertaking “Extensive Work” on Digital Currency

The Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the de facto central bank of the world’s central banks, continues to do its homework on blockchain-powered central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs. On January 23rd, the influential international institution published a new report titled “Impending arri..

Best Forex Brokers: Complete Guide

Are you interested in the biggest, most liquid markets there is? The FOREX market, or FOReign EXchange market, has a daily turnover of more than $3 trillion USD. That figure makes it the biggest and most liquid market on a cash basis. With the exception of the ‘weekend lull’, the FOREX market is op..

Case for the Bull: Bitcoin Executive Touts Bitcoin Price Rise on CNN

There’s no doubt Bitcoin ended 2019 on a sour note. After topping at a price of $14,000 in June of last year, the price of the leading cryptocurrency tumbled and tumbled, falling all the way to $6,400 by the middle of December. Although prices have recovered since then, some have questioned if this..

Rising: Ethereum “No-Loss” Lottery App PoolTogether Hits 1,500 Users

The proponents of Ethereum are generally excited because the smart contract platform opens up possibilities for all sorts of new kinds of commerce and financial participation. The PoolTogether dApp project is one such Ethereum-based possibility that highlights how cool and innovative even a young d..

No Bitcoin Isn’t Banned In India: Central Bank Clarifies

Over the past few years, India has begun attempts to crackdown on its shadow economy, which the government feared was leading to a loss in tax collection, which is seemingly a byproduct of the country’s large reliance on cash and a relatively large unbanked population. This culminated in an attempt..

Bitcoin Payments: Bakkt Reveals More App Details & Square Bags Patent

Bitcoin, when it was first launched, was marketed (or proposed, rather) as a “peer-to-peer electronic cash” for the world. While many other cryptocurrencies have followed Bitcoin down this path, no digital asset has become a widely-used form of digital payment, even in places where traditional paym..

Major Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Mining Group Proposes Block Rewards Dev Fund

Thanks to insufficient incentives, i.e. secure pay, adequately funding open-source software (OSS) development can be extremely difficult for any project community. As a software-centric field, the blockchain arena is most certainly not immune to this dynamic. Toward the problem of OSS funding, vari..

SEC Indicts Sergey Grybniak Over Fraudulent $600,000 Opporty ICO

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed charges against Sergey Grybniak, the founder and sole owner of Opporty International, for allegedly running an unregistered Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The Opporty platform is a blockchain market place offering tokens to investors in the U..

Crypto Exchange Platform Zipmex Gets Regulatory Nod From Thai SEC

Crypto exchange platform Zipmex has been granted a digital assets exchange license to operate in Thailand. The crypto exchange had to wait 12 months to obtain the license and is looking to expand to other places in Southeast Asia. Thai SEC gives Crypto Exchange The Green Light According to reports ..

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