Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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What is Loopring Protocol?

One minute introduction to Loopring, the protocol for building decentralized token exchanges.

Latest news

Bitcoin price rally to $12K is meaningless until bulls flip it to support

On Tuesday Bitcoin (BTC) bulls mustered enough strength to push BTC price slightly above the $12K mark, a level not seen since Sept. 1. On...

Zcoin Employs Burn-and-Redeem Privacy Model, Offering Alternative to Coinjoins

Privacycoin Zcoin is launching the privacy protocol Lelantus on its testnet today. Lelantus allows confidential and anonymous blockchain transactions with short verification times. Using...

Validators Drop Off Ethereum 2.0 Testnets as Mainnet Release Looms

If testnet participation is any indication, Ethereum 2.0 validators are itching for the real thing as the network kickoff looms.That’s echoed by the more...

Report ranks crypto next to gold in popularity with Russian investors

Cryptocurrency investment is one of the most popular investment tools in Russia, according to a new report.The World Gold Council, a major market development...

Blockchain-Based Trading System Steps Closer to ASX Access

National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX), a stock exchange company that has built a distributed ledger technology-based trading system, says it has cleared initial...
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