Thursday, January 21, 2021



PlasmaPay: Delivering Decentralized Finance to Everyone

What is Plasma Pay and what are your goals? | What are the differences between building on Ethereum and Binance chain? | How do...

Crucial Alts During BTC Volatility: Ethereum, PPAY, Aelf, YfDFI, Zilliqa,

Plasma.Finance (PPAY) Uniswap Update (+35%) | $200 Bitcoin Giveaway (Altcoin Buzz and AAX Exchange) | Aelf Blockchain Mainnet 1.0 Launch | YfDFI Finance (YFD)...

5 Hot Tokens: Flare SPARK Token, Plasma.Finance PPAY, Delta Exchange DETO, B21, The Graph

In this video we look at updates surrounding 5 hot tokens: 1. SPARK Airdrop (Dec 12, 2020) 2. PlasmaPay PPAY (Dec 10, 2020) 3. Wing Finance Price...

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