Expanse (EXP)

Created Mar 2015
Coin Proof Proof of Work
Algorithm Ethash
Supply 16,221,333

Expanse Info

A three division Decentralized Organization built from a smart contract that lives on a blockchain and manages an organization‘s development, operations, and finances is ideal for ensuring the integrity, longevity and transparency of the organization over its lifespan.

One of the problems commonly seen in legacy organizations is the translucent and often times opaque management of the organization‘s financial resources. It is absolutely vital to the success of an organization that they manage their finances wisely and transparently in order to remain solvent and ward off institutional corruption.

Another common pitfall in many organizations is a lack of shareholder incentive to participate in the organization‘s decision making process which leads to the shareholder feeling insignificant and having little impact on the outcome of important issues.

By combining blockchain record keeping with software enforced bylaws and incentivized community involvement, the Ternary Division DAO [Expanse] solves many of the problems faced by both traditional and decentralized organizations. - source

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@magicalcrypto This is going to be adorable! Cant wait <3 Plz tell me yall are doing voice overs and stuff too as your character.

@flibbr Lighting is pretty neat technology. But wont there be fees in and out of lighting when lighting settles back on btc?

@AneesAllawi Ethereum are stored on EXP blockchain.

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