ICO Namei-chain
Start DateMay 17, 2018
End DateJanuary 15, 2019
CountryBritish Virgin Islands

Insurance platform and ecosystem, which will transform world insurance industry.

Platform which the will automate insurance business, which will run over blockchain to ensure transparency, which will be provided for free.

Strategic Investor

The United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia have announced an agreement to cooperate on the creation of a cryptocurrency.
The cryptocurrency “will be strictly targeted for banks at an experimental phase with the aim of better understanding the implications of blockchain technology.

Why I-CHAIN Platform? Part 2.

With the help of the platform, you can organize your own business in a few clicks. You just need a Utility token for every 1000 clients, organize advertising, invite clients and get their support.

What is your decision?

Why I-CHAIN Platform? Part 1.
When you take out insurance in insurance company and the risk did not happen, the company takes your money. In case of a platform product, for example, "the community of insurers" - money remains in the community and can be spent on community needs.

Automotive giant Ford has entered a partnership with IBM, Huayou Cobalt, and LG Chem to build a blockchain platform to monitor the supply of cobalt from the Democratic Republic of Congo as an attempt to ensure that child labor does not make up any part of its supply chain.

ICHN token gives you the opportunity to create your own business on the platform.

For the present there is only one product – mini-bank. You can open your own crypto bank providing secure crypto deposit.

In the very near future there will be many more business alternatives.

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Price1 ICHN = 0.1 ETH Sale5,000,000 Payment ModeETH
Minimum Investment0.1 ETH Distribution35% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap100,000 ETH Hard Cap500,000 ETH