MaidSafeCoin (MAID)

Created Jun 2014
Coin Proof Proof of Resource
Algorithm Self-Encryption
Supply 452,552,412

MaidSafeCoin Info

The SAFE network can validate nodes and their value to the network in a very accurate and cryptographically secure manner.

The SAFE project will use this to create a proof of resource which has some significant advantages.

The resource in question is a computer's ability to store data chunks, which depends on CPU speed, bandwidth, disk space and on-line time, amongst others. This allows the proof to be a useful, measurable, and an immediately verifiable entity. Proof of Resource is a very efficient mechanism as its cost is very minimal.

Additionally, as a fully decentralized network, the SAFE approach allows transactions to be made and confirmed at network speed (under a second in some cases). This is due to a distributed Transaction Manager as opposed to a blockchain. - source

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It’s time we focus on creating a truly #decentralized internet. #NetNeutrality @AntiMedia #SAFENetwork

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