NEW! Stablecoin SWAPS Finally on Cardano! FULL WingRiders StableSwap Testnet Review!


Stable coins swaps are now LIVE on the WingRiders Pre-prod tesnet! StableSwap consists of swapping using a specific liquidity pool which is optimized for a 1:1 ratio between the assets and low slippage. It is suitable for exchanging two assets that represent the same value, such as two different USD stablecoins. Users can now swap between stablecoin (pegged) assets with minimal possible slippage and price impact. Liquidity providers can also use StableSwap pools, which dramatically reduce the risks associated with impermanent loss, which could lead to benefits resulting in deeper liquidity, higher volumes, and an overall larger pool of fees from which liquidity providers benefit. Important to note this is only true until the stablecoins maintain their peg.

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———- Video Content ———-
00:00 – Intro
00:47 – StableSwap Article Review
05:02 – StableSwap Benefits
06:36 – Stablecoins Explained
08:50 – Testnet Demo
09:41 – Testnet Wallet Setup
12:50 – Tokens & Liquidity Pools
14:03 – Swapping $iUSD to $DJED
19:56 – Swapping $USDC to $DAI
21:36 – De-Pegging Risks
22:05 – Outro