Top Bitcoin Benefits Naysayers Need to Know

Anyone dealing with bitcoin or even reading this will have at some stage had to explain it to someone with no knowledge. It is not always easy, but keeping these major benefits in mind may convince the cynics. Explaining the benefits of bitcoin can be a challenge as most people with little knowledge..

Ripple’s XRP ‘Expected to See a Major Devaluation’: Boom Bust Anchor

In a recent episode of Boom Bust, anchor Christy Ai, stated that we’re “expected to see a major devaluation” of Ripple’s XRP asset, following a discussion about the company’s IPO announcement. XRP is ‘Not Worth’ its Current Price Based on Ripple’s generation of financing over the years by selling ac..

Step by Step Guide: How To Create Your Own Ethereum ERC-20 Token

This is our second Solidity tutorial, if you missed it take a look at our Introduction to Solidity where we walk you through some basics of this programming language for the Ethereum blockchain. We explain a little about how Solidity works, how it’s structured and start you off with some simple cod..

Deutsche Bank: Crypto Won’t Kill Cash Anytime Soon

Researchers at Deutsche Bank say cash will not become obsolete in the near future even with the growing pivot towards cryptos and other forms of digital currencies. Crypto Hasn’t Accelerated the End of the Cash Era In a January 2020 report published by Deutsche Bank researchers argued that despite t..

Ukraine to Oversee Crypto Transactions Above $1,200, Sees Opportunities in Legalization Not Risks

Cryptocurrency transactions in Ukraine will be strictly monitored by the state, although the country’s finance minister admits that it’s not digital coins but fiat cash that criminals and corrupt officials are more likely to use. The legalization of cryptocurrencies remains a priority in Kiev as the..

Iranian Authorities Have Issued 1,000 Licenses for Cryptocurrency Mining

News Iran’s Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade has issued over 1,000 cryptocurrency mining licenses to domestic operations. According to a report published on Jan. 24 by Iran’s Banking and Economic System Reference Media (IBENA), a member of the Information and Communications Technology (ICT..