Crypto Exchange Poloniex to ‘Spin Out’ from Circle

Poloniex, one of the earliest crypto trading platforms that targeted the US market will ‘spin-out’ from Circle. Despite the efforts to build a fully compliant market, Poloniex is shutting its doors for US-based traders from November. Polo Digital Assets, Ltd. Created to Take Over Crypto Exchange Bu..

German Minister Doubles Down on Statements Against Facebook’s Libra

News German Federal Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz has doubled down on his previous statement that policymakers should prevent the issuance of Facebook’s Libra stablecoin. At the International Monetary Fund and World Bank fall meeting on Friday, Scholz stressed that stablecoins could pose interna..

Poloniex Spins Out From Circle to Form New Exchange Not Available in US

News United States-based crypto exchange Poloniex is spinning out from Circle to form a new exchange that will not support trading for customers based in the U.S. New firm receives backing from Asian investment groupThe new independent firm, called Polo Digital Assets, will free Poloniex from its ..

Ethereum Name Service Adds Infrastructure for Multi-Currency Support

On October 16, the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) announced multi-currency support and integration with 15 platforms and wallets. The fusion will provide users with the ability to use a single ENS name across a wide spectrum of crypto applications alongside leveraging a variety of digital assets. Also..

Blizzard Bans Hearthstone Player, Blockchain Comes to Rescue

Analysis The gaming world burst into an outrage as a result of Blizzard's move to expel a leading professional gamer from Hong Kong, Chung Ng Wai (aka Blitzchung), from its international Hearthstone esports tournament. Hearthstone is an online game featuring collectible cards that give player..