PinkCoin (PINK)

Created May 2014
Coin Proof Proof of Work / Stake
Algorithm X11
Supply 380,000,000

PinkCoin Info

PinkCoin was saved by people possessing a strong desire to supplant the wild west atmosphere plaguing the cryptocurrency markets, instead seeking to provide a charitable, safe, informative, transparent and highly valuable experience for all crypto users and especially PinkCoin’s.

Secured by an innovative Flash POS/POW hybrid consensus mechanism, PinkCoin enthusiasts, major $PINK backers, investors, and PinkCoin community leaders abound intend to change the landscape of charity crowdfunding, casual tipping, and friendly neighborhood micro-donation campaigns.

In 2017, PinkCoin founded the organization Pink Foundation, LLC, a limited liability company. This allows PinkCoin to partner with real world organizations and charity outlets to help expand the reach of PinkCoin. - source

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