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South Africa: The Next Frontier for Crypto Exchanges

Expert Take Africa is set to be the next battleground for major crypto asset exchanges, as the conditions on the continent are favorable for virtual currency, and as a leading economy, South Africa could lead the charge in this digital transformation. We will examine how the economic situation and..

Got ID? New Projects Explore Blockchain Identity Systems

Analysis The rapid onset of technological advancement is not evenly spread. Society is increasingly becoming digitally literate and uses emerging technology for work, to communicate and pay for things in ways unimaginable just 15 years ago. So, why are methods of governance largely unchanged since..

Nigerian Crypto Educator Returns $80K in Bitcoin Received by Mistake

News Keith Mali Chung — the co-founder and president of African blockchain firm Loopblock Network — has returned almost $80,000 worth of Bitcoin (BTC) mistakenly sent to his wallet. Chung — who goes by the Twitter handle of “Bitcoin Keith (The African Bitcoin Bull)” — tweeted about the incident on..

Africa Using Blockchain to Drive Change: Nigeria and Kenya, Part One

Analysis Blockchain adoption in Africa is on the rise. From transportation to the gaming and lottery industries, reports of companies utilizing decentralized ledger technology (DLT) across the continent are emerging. Several stakeholders in the African blockchain scene say DLT is the key to solvin..

Burundi Bans Cryptocurrency Trading Due to Lack of User Protection

News The Republic of Burundi in central Africa has banned the trading digital currencies in the country due to associated risks. As Bloomberg reported on Sept. 4, some Burundian citizens urged the government to take action regarding cryptocurrency trading after they lost money while dealing with v..

Sierra Leone Aims to Finish National Blockchain ID System in Late 2019

News The government of Sierra Leone plans to fully adopt a blockchain-enabled national identity system by the end of 2019. United Nations involvedPresident of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio reportedly claimed that the new infrastructure will allow financial institutions to verify identities and bui..

Africa’s Largest Bank Joins Blockchain-Based Marco Polo Network

News Standard Bank, Africa’s largest bank by total assets, has joined blockchain-based trade finance network, the Marco Polo Network. Standard Bank will now develop trade finance solutions alongside major global financial institutions such as French BNP Paribas and Dutch ING, according to a press ..

Report: Rwandan Central Bank Looks to Issue Official Digital Currency

News Rwanda’s central bank, the National Bank of Rwanda, is researching how to offer an official digital currency. BNN Bloomberg reported the news on Aug. 22. The central bank is interested in offering digital currency as a means to increase transaction efficiency and foster economic growth, per t..

Zambia SEC: Warns Against ICO Promising HYIP-Style 1000% ROI

The Zambian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has warned the general public to desist from investing in an initial coin offering (ICO) promoted by a suspicious company. According to a report by The Lusaka Times, the company was not registered with the country’s regulatory body and was theref..

Zambia SEC Warns About Investing in Promoted Onyxcoin Cryptocurrency

News The Zambia SEC’s CEO, Philip Chitalu, has warned the public that cryptocurrency OnyxCoin creator Kwakoo is not licensed to give investment advice or solicit funds, from within and outside the country alike. The Lusaka Times relayed the SEC head’s warnings in a report on Aug. 2. According to t..

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