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‘Amazon of Japan’ Rakuten Launches Crypto Exchange Service

Rakuten, the “Amazon of Japan,” announced the launch of its new crypto exchange platform Monday, August 19, offering spot trading of crypto assets via a dedicated smartphone app. The e-commerce giant has been crypto-friendly for a while now, experimenting and investing in crypto payment systems sinc..

Amazon Tech Experts-Backed Blockchain CRM Network Raises $3.5M

News Cere Network, a San Francisco-based blockchain customer relationship management (CRM) startup, has completed a $3.5 million funding round. The seed round involved major global blockchain investors, including Binance Labs, a venture arm of Binance, the second biggest crypto exchange by trading..

Coinbase Accidentally Saves Unencrypted Passwords of 3,420 Customers

News Major crypto platform Coinbase has emailed 3,420 Coinbase customers to disclose an accident with customer registration. Some registration details were apparently stored in clear text on the logs of Coinbase’s internal server, with affected customers now required to change their passwords. Coi..

Blockchain Music Streaming Startup Unveils Source Code, Incentives

News Audius, a blockchain startup that aims to disrupt the music streaming industry, has uploaded its public beta version. The open source code for public use of Audius is available on GitHub as of Aug. 15. Additionally, the startup has issued an open invitation to run network nodes in exchange f..

10 Global Enterprises Looking to Issue Their Own Cryptos

Analysis The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has led to a revolution in the digital currency industry. Enterprises that were of noncrypto origin now have or plan to have their own crypto product. The 10 years of cryptocurrency’s existence has led to an unprecedented ease of transactions. It h..

Amazon Wants to Build a Blockchain for Ads, New Job Listing Shows

News Amazon is looking to hire a software development engineer to develop an advertisement blockchain. Amazon works on an advertising blockchainAmazon posted a job offer on LinkedIn for a software development engineer for its Colorado team, who is supposed to work on an advertisement blockchain. T..

Report: Coinbase VP of Engineering Tim Wagner Steps Down

News Tim Wagner, the vice president of engineering at major cryptocurrency platform Coinbase, is reportedly leaving the company. Wagner will purportedly leave Coinbase within the next two weeks, according to a report by CoinDesk on July 30. An unnamed spokesperson for the company is said to have c..

Bitcoin’s ‘Bubble’ Cycle More Bullish Than Amazon’s Dot-Com Era Days

News Bitcoin (BTC) recovered more swiftly from its bear cycles than Amazon did during the boom and bust of the dot com era, data from crypto analytics firm Messari reveals. Bitcoin’s 2019 breakout ‘extremely bullish’ by comparisonFellow industry analytics firm Ceteris Paribus shared Messari’s find..

Fidelity, Deloitte and Amazon Now Support Workshops for DLT Startups

News Major global firms Fidelity, Deloitte and Amazon, have begun supporting a new blockchain accelerator program called Startup Studio, according to a press release on July 11. The companies are backing the program along with 20 other firms, including Ethereum Foundation and ETH Global, Stellar F..

Bitcoin Startup Brings Lightning Network Payments to Amazon, Whole Foods

News United States-based payments startup Fold has made Lightning Network (LN) payments possible at Amazon, Starbucks, Uber and other big name retailers. The news was revealed in an official blog post published on July 10. As previously reported, the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning Network is a second-lay..

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