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Andreas Antonopoulos Slams Intuit After Payments Block for Crypto Use

News American financial software company Intuit has apparently limited the account of one of the cryptocurrency industry’s best-known figures, Andreas Antonopoulos. In a series of tweets on Dec. 4, Antonopoulos stated that Intuit had prevented him from accepting credit card payments via its accou..

Antonopoulos: Cash-Settled Bitcoin Futures Traders Face ‘Black Hole’

News Bitcoin (BTC) educator Andreas Antonopoulos says that while futures markets may indeed place a damper on the cryptocurrency’s price, the stakes are different to what you might think. In a Nov. 27 interview with YouTuber “Ivan on Tech,” Antonopoulos argued against the grain of commonplace fear..

Google’s Quantum Computer Still Far From Useful, Says Vitalik Buterin

News Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin is not at all impressed by the perceived threat Bitcoin (BTC) faces from Google’s quantum computer. Buterin took to Twitter on Oct. 23, where he commented on the news that Google had achieved quantum supremacy, meaning that a quantum computer has solved a m..

Antonopoulos: Google’s ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Has No Impact on Bitcoin

News Bitcoin (BTC) has “zip” to fear from the latest advances in quantum computing from Google, one of the industry’s best-known figures has confirmed. The effect on Bitcoin? “Zip, bupkis nada”Speaking as part of a Q&A session on Oct. 10, Andreas Antonopoulos poured cold water on fears Google’s re..

Andreas Antonopoulos Announces New ‘Mastering Lightning Network’ Book

News Andreas Antonopoulos announced his new “Mastering Lightning Network” book, co-authored by René Pickhardt and Lightning Labs CTO, Olaoluwa Osuntokun. Antonopoulos, Osuntokun and Pickhardt announced their new book, “Mastering Lightning Network,” in a YouTube video published on Aug. 28. In the v..

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