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Blockchain & Art: How this Technology is Affecting an Age Old Industry

Fine art collecting is one of those hobbies that immediately conjures a mental image of fancy cocktail parties, swirling brandy glasses, and auctioneers throwing around millions of dollars like so much Halloween candy. It’s an image of tweed jackets, fox hunting, exclusive clubs, and refined snobber..

Ethereum-Based Virtual Museum Tokenizes Censored Bitcoin Artwork

News Bitcoin artist “Bnoiit.c” has created an Ethereum-based virtual museum “Cryptovoxels” that ensures censored artworks are immutably preserved for an online audience. In its collection as of Aug. 25 has been a Bitcoin mural by French street artist Pascal “PBOY” Boyart, which was painted over by..

Verisart Raises $2.5M in Funding Round Led By EOS Venture Capital

News Verisart, a company that certifies art authenticity through blockchain technology, has raised $2.5 million to further expand its commercial art platform. Verify and track provenance of artIn an Oct. 3 article by Techcrunch, it was announced that Verisart raised $2.5 million in seed financing ..

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