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‘Wahoo!’ Australian Taxpayers Alliance Exec Excited to Buy Bitcoin

News A top executive from a prominent Australian taxpayer group has publicly endorsed the world’s biggest cryptocurrency by announcing her first ever Bitcoin purchase. Emilie Dye, director of policy at the Australian Taxpayers' Alliance, or ATA, tweeted on April 1 that she had bought her firs..

New Blockchain Project Lets Users Choose Their Renewable Energy Source

News Australian blockchain firm Power Ledger and French green energy retailer ekWateur are betting that consumer choice can help spur the transition to sustainable energy usage. In an announcement on April 1, the two firms revealed that they will be offering almost a quarter of a million French re..

Australian Uni Partners With Ripple on Blockchain Law Courses

News The Australian National University (ANU)’s law school will roll out two new courses in its Masters program next year exploring the impact of blockchain on the legal field. The courses are being developed with the assistance of Ripple’s Blockchain Research Initiative (UBRI) — a program that s..

Australian Startup Offers New Spin on Tokenized Gold Trading

News Australian startup Meld Gold will launch a blockchain-based platform for tokenized gold trading in the third quarter of 2020. Meld Gold said the platform will offer a digital method to buy and sell physical gold that is more efficient and transparent than traditional gold markets. Unlike othe..

COVID-19: ASX Postpones Launch of Blockchain Stock Exchange Platform

The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has announced the postponement of the launch of its blockchain stock exchange platform due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The postponement is the latest delay in the deployment of the project which is supposed to see the country’s stock market transitioni..

Australian Securities Exchange Delays Switch to Blockchain Due to COVID-19

News The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has once again delayed its transition to the blockchain, due in part to uncertainty around the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic. In an announcement published on March 25, ASX said it was replanning its blockchain implementation timetable in light..

Chrono Tech Launches Australian Dollar Stablecoin in Spite of ‘Big Four’ Banks

News Australian blockchain firm, Chrono Tech, has been experiencing difficulties securing a banking partner amid the launch of an Australian dollar (AUD)-pegged stablecoin earlier this month. The AUD Token (AUDT), available on Chrono Tech’s platform, can be redeemed 1:1 for Australian dollars held..

Less Than 1% of Australians Used Crypto to Pay for Services in 2019

News While some Australian authorities recognize cryptocurrencies as a form of investment, digital assets like Bitcoin (BTC) are apparently not very popular as means of payment in the country. Australia’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), says that less than 1% of Australians used..

Blockchain for Australian Farmers: A Shield Against Worsening Climate

Expert Take Australian farmers are all too familiar with dry and erratic weather conditions affecting day-to-day business. Reports over the last 20 years demonstrate that these conditions will only worsen — with an increased climate estimated to have​ ​reduced yearly profits​ by 22%. The current b..

Bitcoin Price Correlates With Traditional Assets, but Not Entirely

Analysis Since coming to power back in 2016, President Trump seemed to have reinvigorated the United States stock market after it showed signs of slowing down throughout the first half of the previous decade. Just three weeks ago, the American market witnessed a combined gain of 58% compared with ..

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