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Australian Tax Authorities Shed Light on Recent Crypto Investor Outreach

Follow up This week, the Australian authorities launched a major campaign to prompt as many as 350,000 crypto investors to comply with their tax obligations. In an interview with Cointelegraph on March 12, a spokesperson for the Australia Tax Office (ATO) said the campaign was designed to help rai..

Australian Tax Watchdog Contacting Crypto Holders to ‘Remind Them’ to Pay Up

News In the coming weeks, hundreds of thousands of Australian crypto investors are set to receive a reminder of their tax obligations from the country’s authorities. Citing an unnamed Australian Tax Office (ATO) representative, news.com.au reported on the forthcoming campaign on March 11. “Up to a..

Bittrex Global Integrates Credit Card Support, Biteeu Launches in Aus

News Bittrex global has announced the introduction of new features on its platform, including credit card support, a referral program, and upgrades to its mobile app. Credit card support will see an initial roll-out to Bittrex Global users in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and the Netherland..

Whistleblower Outs ‘Wolf of Kyiv’ for $70 Million Bitcoin Scam

News A whistleblower has revealed the existence of a 200-employee Ukrainian Bitcoin (BTC) trading scam that netted $70 million in 2019. The whistleblower outed the scam by providing footage and internal company documents to Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter, which reported the news on March 1. Th..

Australian Judge Says Crypto Is a Legitimate Investment Vehicle

News As part of a defamation case in front of the New South Wales, or NSW district court, Judge Judith Gibson allowed cryptocurrency usage as collateral. “This is a recognized form of investment," Gibson said of cryptocurrency, also acknowledging its volatility, according to a brief from the Austr..

Australian Minister Slams Gov’t for Weak Response to Ransomware ‘Epidemic’

News On Feb. 24, Tim Watts, Australia’s Shadow Assistant Minister for Cybersecurity, has published an article in the Financial Review on Feb. 24, criticizing the country’s government for its response to the 2019 “ransomware epidemic.” Watts states that Australia was not immune to last year’s ranso..

Aussie Blockchain Startup Tells Gov’t Its Tax Laws Are Stifling ICOs

News You need nothing short of “a miracle” to succeed with an initial coin offering (ICO) in Australia, a local industry leader told the government this week. At a Select Committee on Financial Technology and Regulatory Technology hearing on Feb. 20, Dr. Jemma Green said her blockchain firm had su..

Australian Stock Exchange Has New Blockchain Equity Competitor

News NSX Limited, the operator of the National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSXA), is working on a joint blockchain-based project to enable same-day settlements. According to a Feb. 20 announcement, NSX has partnered with iSignthis (ISX), a publicly listed firm specializing in payment authenticati..

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