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Japan’s Kanto Region to Track Surplus Solar Energy with Power Ledger

News Australian tech firm Power Ledger will run another blockchain-enabled energy trading trial in Japan’s Kanto region by December 2019. In order to launch its second trial in Japan, Power Ledger teamed up with Japanese solar provider Sharing Energy and electricity retailer eRex, the firm stated ..

Australian Startup to Offer 20% Payback on Fuel Purchases in Tokens

News Australian startup Incent plans to offer a 20% payback in its INCNT token on fuel purchases at United Petrol stations for a limited time. Incent announced in a press release published on Sept. 26 that participants will have to sign up on its platform and sync their bank accounts in order to ..

Oxfam Readies Phase Two of Dai-Based Vanuatu Disaster Relief Program

Follow up Following the first phase of the Unblocked Cash program in Vanuatu, Oxfam is readying to launch the pilot program’s second phase using the Dai stablecoin to distribute disaster relief. Speaking exclusively to Cointelegraph, Oxfam Pacific Cash and Livelihoods lead and co-founder of partne..

Largest Tencent Shareholder Leads $15M Round in Blockchain Game Developer

News Naspers, the largest shareholder of Chinese Internet giant Tencent, participated in a $15 million investment in blockchain game developer Immutable. Key investorsImmutable, a Sydney-based blockchain gaming startup, completed a new funding round led by Naspers and Mike Novogratz's crypto..

Australian Authorities Indict Cryptocurrency Crime Syndicate

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) together with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) recently announced the crackdown of a group of fraudsters who specialized in identity theft. Per a press release, the syndicate moved the stolen funds back from abroad into Australia using c..

Australian Police Uncover Syndicate Involved in Crypto Laundering

News Australian law enforcement bodies have uncovered a criminal gang allegedly involved in laundering millions of stolen funds through untraceable assets, including cryptocurrencies. According to an announcement published on Sept. 17, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) an..

Queensland’s Real Estate Institute to Launch Blockchain Tenancy Platform

News The Real Estate Institute of Queensland (REIQ) teamed up with local tech startup Igloo to launch a blockchain-based tenancy agreement platform by the end of 2019. As news outlet ZDNet reported on Sept. 15, REIQ general manager Josh Callaghan stated that the new platform will use smart contrac..

Power Ledger Goes to Rural Australia to Trade Surplus Energy via DLT

News Australian blockchain energy startup Power Ledger has launched its first trial of peer-to-peer (P2P) energy trading technology in rural areas. Energy monetization for outlying settlementsAccording to a blog post on Sept. 9, Power Ledger has launched pilots outside of a metropolitan area in We..

Nestlé Admits Blockchain Venture Has Been More Challenging Than Others

News Switzerland-headquartered food retail giant Nestlé says it has had to adopt a “start-up mindset” in order to push ahead with its challenging blockchain venture. Insights into the retailer’s blockchain development work were revealed by Nestlé Digital Technology Manager Armin Nehzat in a Sept. ..

Australian Hacker Pleads Guilty to Stealing $450,000 in XRP Last Year

News Australian citizen Katherine Nguyen has pleaded guilty to stealing $450,000 in XRP — over 100,000 tokens — in January 2018. Local news channel 7News Sydney reported the latest about the case on Aug. 23. According to the report, Nguyen hacked into the email account of a man with the same last ..

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