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Binance US Opens Trading: America’s Newest Fiat-Crypto Gateway

Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange Binance has finally opened up shop in America’s nook of the cryptoverse, having launched trading on its new dedicated exchange for U.S. users, Binance.US, on September 24th. In doing so, the company hopes to expand its footprint in the world’s largest economy and..

Binance US Bitcoin Exchange Will Launch ‘In Couple Of Months’ Says CZ

Bitcoin exchange Binance will launch its US platform to everyone except New York residents by the end of October, its CEO has revealed.Binance Will Not Serve New York Speaking to news magazine Cheddar in an interview on August 15, Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, said preparations were underway ..

Binance US Considering 30 Cryptocurrencies Ahead of Launch

While U.S. users are getting geo-blocked from Binance.com this fall, the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange is angling full steam ahead toward the launch of its recently announced platform for American traders, Binance US. To turn that vision into reality, the exchange has created a so-called “Dig..

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