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Bitcoin Suisse Joins Crypto Companies Looking To Become Swiss Banks

Bitcoin Suisse, the Switzerland-based cryptocurrency broker, has taken the first steps to becoming a bonafide bank, the company has revealed.Bitcoin Suisse Applies For Banking, Securities License In a press release issued on July 16, Bitcoin Suisse, which already offers various crypto-focused fin..

Bitcoin ‘Realized Market Cap’ Hits Record High Despite Flash Crash

Bitcoin investors are paying more per coin than at any time in history – despite the Bitcoin price dropping to half its all-time highs.Bitcoin Realized Cap Hits $93 Billion That was the conclusion in new analysis of an underreported metric this week, which casts light on genuine consumer interest..

South American Bitcoin Trading is Surging Despite Price Volatility

Heightened market volatility has failed to dampen enthusiasm throughout South America, as bitcoin trading volumes in Venezuela, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia continue to soar.Venezuela Trades Record Bolivars For Bitcoin Data from monitoring resource Coin Dance, which tracks trading across three dec..

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