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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Remains At Risk Of Downside Break Below $300

Bitcoin cash price recovered recently above $320.00 and $330.00. However, BCH is facing an uphill task and it could start a fresh decrease if it continues to struggle bear $335.00-340.00. Bitcoin cash is facing a strong resistance near the $333.00, $335.00 and $340.00 levels. A major bullish trend ..

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): Turned Sell On Rallies After Recent Bloodbath

Bitcoin cash price declined significantly after it broke the $380.00 and $330.00 support levels. BCH even tumbled below the $300.00 support before the bulls protected $250.00. Bitcoin cash fell sharply below the $300.00 handle and traded to a new monthly low at $256.79. BCH could struggle to recove..

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