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Russian Ministry Wants to Test Crypto and Blockchain in Regulatory Sandboxes

News Amid regulatory uncertainty for cryptocurrencies in Russia, a federal ministry introduced legislation that would legalize crypto and blockchain within a special regulatory environment. The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation has reportedly prepared a draft law that woul..

Alongside Market Relief Package, US CFTC Warns of COVID-19-Linked Crypto Scams

News United States derivatives markets regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), has joined the list of global authorities warning the public against cryptocurrency scammers trying to capitalize on the widespread coronavirus fears. In a statement issued on March 19, the CFTC high..

New PlusToken Report Shows KYC May Be Smoke and Mirrors

News A new report on the PlusToken Ponzi scheme shows regulated exchanges are being used to dump coins, despite stringent Know Your Customer (KYC) identify verification rules. Investigative company OXT Research has released a second edition of their in-depth blockchain analysis on the PlusToken sc..

Hester Peirce Says SEC Is a Partner to Crypto, as US States Chase Regulations

Analysis Some of the internet’s biggest companies — the likes of Amazon, Google and Facebook — were created from the ruins of the dot-com bubble. Likewise, the crypto ICO bubble seems to have many states rushing to put blockchain laws on the books in order to attract businesses. Recently, the intr..

UK Adds Further Regulation to Already-Strict 5AMLD Guidelines

News To combat the alleged risks associated with crypto assets and their networks, Her Majesty’s Treasury, the United Kingdom’s finance and economics department, has added additional measures. The new Money Laundering Regulations, or MLRs position the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as th..

Bitcoin Recognized as Money by French Court

The Commercial Court of Nanterre in France has issued a ruling recognizing Bitcoin (BTC) as currency — a development that could have significant implications for the country’s cryptocurrency market. Recently, financial regulators in Germany classified cryptos as financial instruments, further enhanc..

London Blockchain Summit: Crypto Meets Coronavirus

Event Recap Day One, March 5The world has a fever. A fever for blockchain. But that’s not the only infectious substance in the room. The spectre of the spiralling Coronavirus crisis looms large over today’s conference in the United Kingdom. London has sold out of hand sanitizer and some of blockch..

Next BoE Governor: “Be Prepared to Lose All Your Money” With Bitcoin

News Investing in cryptocurrencies will always receive some skepticism from officials who started in traditional markets. Today in London, Andrew Bailey expressed this sentiment, arguing anyone putting money into Bitcoin should be prepared to lose the shirt off their back. Bailey gave his thoughts..

Crypto Taxes a ‘Nightmare’ — Congress Hears the Latest on Blockchain for Small Business

News In a United States congressional meeting titled “Building Blocks of Change: The Benefits of Blockchain Technology for Small Businesses,” one of the testifying witnesses called out current cryptocurrency taxation expectations for their overbearing complexity. “Doing your taxes for crypto is t..

Crypto Exchange Digitex Removes KYC to Protect User Data

News While some global cryptocurrency exchanges move to expand Know Your Customer (KYC) rules, some major rivals claim that crypto platforms don’t need KYC at all. Digitex, a Seychelles-based crypto derivatives exchange, will start removing KYC identification this week in response to a major user ..

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