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Segwit Creator Introduces Optimized Language For Bitcoin Smart Contracts

Bitcoin Core developer, Peiter Wuille, has introduced a new programming language called Miniscript, to simplify smart-contract development for Bitcoin. One of the most prolific and respected Core-developers, Wuille is responsible for the creation and implementation of Segregated Witness (SegWit)...

Bitcoin Has A Wealth Distribution Problem – Or Does It?

Yesterday saw what was gearing up to be an interesting debate on whether Bitcoin has a problem with wealth inequality. Stemming from a statistic provided by Civic CEO, Vinny Lingham, that 2% of wallet addresses hold 80% of BTC, it was countered by Interchange co-founder, Dan Held, and hosted by form..

Kik ICO Trial: Lawyers Issue 130-Page Response Claiming SEC ‘Twisted Facts’

Canadian instant messaging company, Kik, has hit back at the US regulator trying to sue its ICO with a giant public document.Kik Implies ICO Trial Was SEC Publicity Stunt Following that news that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) was taking Kik to court in June, the company has now rel..

Bitcoin Lightning Network Expands 100% In H1 2019

Bitcoin’s Lightning Network (LN) has almost doubled its node count and capacity in the first half of 2019, new data shows.Bitcoin Lightning Doubles In H1 Statistics from monitoring resource Coin Gecko confirmed the network’s capacity expanded 87% in the period from January 1 – June 30. At the sa..

Bitcoin SV Blockchain Temporarily Split Into Three

Bitcoin SV experienced a serious network split on Saturday after a massive 210 MB block was mined on the network, temporarily splitting the network into three different chains. Big Block Blues On July 24th, the BSV network underwent a scheduled network upgrade with the intent to raise the blocksize..

Bitcoin Is The ‘Most Spectacular’ Cryptocurrency: Ex-Central Banker

The former governor of Brazil’s central bank thinks Bitcoin is “spectacular,” heaping praise on the cryptocurrency in a mainstream media article. Franco: Bitcoin Would Be A Multi-Billion Dollar Business In an opinion piece published by local news outlet Estadão, Gustavo Franco pledged what appeare..

Peter Schiff Will Regret Being Wrong About Bitcoin: Pompliano In CNBC Debate

Gold bug Peter Schiff will be “kicking himself forever” if he turns out to be even 1% wrong about Bitcoin. That was the conclusion from Anthony ‘Pomp’ Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and a serial Bitcoin proponent, during the cryptocurrency world’s latest public showdown on July 31. P..

Singapore Could Embrace Bitcoin First, Pompliano Tells CNBC

Singapore could be the first country in the world to embrace Bitcoin, one of cryptocurrency’s best-known commentators has told mainstream media. Singapore Saying ‘Bring It On!’ Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk Box segment July 30, Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital, said Singapore’s pr..

Fortnite and Gaming Industry is ‘Massive’ For Crypto

Cryptocurrency will gain significantly from playing a role in online gaming, one of the industry’s best-known investors has forecast after Fortnite World Cup concludes.Fortnite and Gaming Are ‘Very Bullish’ Commenting after the culmination of the Fortnite World Cup event in New York, Travis Kling..

Billionaire to Launch First Ever Cannabis-Pegged Stablecoin

Greek billionaire Alkiviades David has reportedly created the world’s first stablecoin pegged to the price of legal cannabis.Swissx Bank of Cannabis Issues SWX Stablecoin As a press release confirmed July 25, the so-called Swissx Bank of Cannabis (SBC), headquartered in the Swiss city of Gstaad, ..

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