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Keeping Your Assets Safe — Crypto Insurance May Soon Become the Norm

Analysis If the crypto sector is to attract more institutional investors, it will need to provide more insurance solutions. This point was driven home anew with the recent news that the Gemini crypto exchange has launched a captive insurance company, Nakamoto Ltd., to insure its Gemini Custody bus..

BitGo to Users: Swap Bitcoin SV for BTC Before Hard Fork Stuns Wallet

News Digital currency management company BitGo has told users to move or convert funds they hold in altcoin Bitcoin SV (BSV) due to a compatibility problem. In a blog post on Dec. 18, BitGo said BSV’s upcoming hard fork, known as Genesis, contained a protocol change which would mean its wallets wi..

BitGo to Provide Institutional-Grade Custody and Wallets for Tron

News Digital asset financial services firm BitGo has announced that it will provide institutional-grade custody and wallets for Tron (TRX) starting on Nov. 8. According to the official announcement published on Oct. 14, BitGo has been working closely with Tron “to develop the first TRX institution..

BitGo to Provide Custody for Crypto Assets Under Bitstamp Management

News Digital asset financial services firm BitGo will provide secure storage for crypto assets under management at major cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp. $100 million insurance policyIn a press release on Oct. 9, the Luxembourg-based cryptocurrency exchange announced that BitGo will offer custodi..

Crypto Custodian BitGo Launches Staking Services for Dash, Algorand

News Digital asset financial services firm BitGo has launched a new staking service for the clients who store their assets with its qualified custodian subsidiary BitGo Trust. A press release published on Oct. 3 revealed that the new service will initially launch with altcoins Dash (DASH) and Algo..

Crypto Custodian BitGo Hires Former Xapo Vice-President as CRO

News Digital asset trust and security company BitGo has appointed wallet provider Xapo’s former senior vice-president Pete Najarian as its new chief revenue officer (CRO). As finance-focused media outlet Finance Magnates reported on Aug. 19, Najarian will now serve as BitGo’s CRO, reporting to the..

Austrian Printing House Releases “Chainlock” Crypto Cold Wallet

The Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) has released a cryptocurrency cold wallet, through its subsidiary company Youniqx Identity AG. Per a press release published on July 29, the solution was developed to combat the worrying increase of cryptocurrency theft and other crypto-crimes that are caused..

Civic, BitGo to Release New Wallet for Crypto and Identity Data

News Decentralized identity startup Civic and blockchain security firm BitGo plan to launch a new wallet using BitGo’s multisig technology in Q4 2019. In a press release shared with Cointelegraph on July 23, the two firms revealed that the forthcoming “Civic Wallet” will host hold both cryptocurre..

Ethereum’s Wrapped Bitcoin Set to Eclipse Lightning Network Capacity

Since the project launched a little over six months ago, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) has roughly $5.9 million or 558 BTC locked into the system. At the rate WBTC’s token contract is climbing, the project is close to surpassing the Lightning Network’s capacity in the near future. Also read: The ”Wrapped ..

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