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Bitcoin Was Heading for a Big Upsurge, Traders Explain What Changed

Analysis With the firm recovery of the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Bitcoin defending the $6,400 support level with strength, crypto traders anticipated the Bitcoin price to rebound to at least the mid-$7,500 area in the short term. In the past 48 hours, however, they have started to lean towa..

BitMEX Slips Behind Binance and OKEx for Bitcoin Futures Trading Volumes

Markets News Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives exchange BitMEX has fallen to third place in 24-hour trading volume for Bitcoin futures. Data from Skew analytics on March 23 reveals that the derivatives giant, founded by Arthur Hayes, is reporting $2.45 billion in 24-hour futures volume, as against Binanc..

BitMEX Defends Insurance Fund Being ‘Barely Used’ in BTC Price Crash

Markets News Bitcoin (BTC) derivatives exchange BitMEX continues to field criticism after attempting to explain a mass liquidation event during which BTC/USD crashed 60%. In a blog post on March 23, BitMEX addressed what it says were “a number of questions” from traders since the event occurred el..

BitMEX Report: Issuance of CBDCs May Lead to Inflation

News A March 18th post by BitMEX Research discusses the two approaches governments can take with regards to the issuance of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and the ramifications for the economy. Money supplyIn the modern economy, the money supply is largely determined by the banks’ ability ..

Coronavirus Financial Crash Is Bitcoin’s Biggest Test, BitMEX Says

News BitMEX, the world’s second largest crypto exchange by daily trading volume as of press time, believes that amid the ongoing global coronavirus crash, Bitcoin faces its biggest challenge and the opportunity to prove its potential during the global financial crisis. The 2020 coronavirus financi..

BitMEX Explains Why Bitcoin Nearly Hit $0 Last Week, Pays Out $200K

Markets News The meltdown at derivatives giant BitMEX, during which Bitcoin (BTC) fell to $3,600, has seen the company payout compensation worth a modest $200,000. In a blog post about the event, which occurred on March 13, BitMEX blamed “two DDoS attacks” for crashing its platform. Ethereum trade..

BitMEX Takes a Hit — Community Cries ‘Foul Play’ Following Market Crash

Follow up On March 13, trading giant BitMEX was thrust into the middle of a controversy that saw the premier exchange face an operational outage that lasted for about 25 minutes. During the downtime, rumors spread throughout the cryptoverse that some foul play had been going on behind the scenes, ..

BitMex Insurance Fund Tags ATH, Binance and Deribit Inject Millions

News The March 13 crypto market meltdown ravaged cryptocurrency companies across the industry, sparking a MakerDAO debt crisis and causing millions to be deployed from the insurance funds of exchanges Binance and Deribit. In spite of the widespread carnage, the insurance fund of leading derivative..

Crypto Traders Explain What Caused the Bitcoin Price Plunge to $3,000

Follow up The Bitcoin (BTC) price dropped to $3,600 overnight, marking Bitcoin’s biggest daily drop in the last seven years. Over $1 billion worth of longs was liquidated on March 12, causing one of the most intense long squeezes in the crypto market’s recent history. The main catalyst of the sudd..

BitMEX Denies it Made Bitcoin Price Drop to $3.7K After Going Offline

Markets News Trading giant BitMEX is at the center of attention after unexpected downtime sparked rumors of foul play as Bitcoin (BTC) fell as low as $3,700. According to a tweet from the company, problems arose during frenzied trading activity on the evening of March 12. BitMEX “hardware issue” s..

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