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Bitpoint Hack Shows That Regulators’ Scrutiny Does Not Equal Safety

Analysis On July 12, 2019, Tokyo-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint promptly suspended its services after noticing an error in the outgoing funds transfer system. Soon, an official announcement followed, revealing that the trading platform had lost around 3.5 billion yen (roughly $32 m..

Bitpoint Plans to Refund $30 Million to Hack Victims

Japanese crypto exchange operator Bitpoint pledged to compensate the victims of the recent hack. The company plans to refund about $30 million worth of cryptocurrency. About 50,000 Clients Affected by the Hack On Tuesday, Bitpoint published an update on its website, revealing the amounts of stolen ..

Bitpoint Discloses A Further $2.3 Million Is Missing From Hack

Following the high profile hacking of Japanese cryptocurrency exchange, Bitpoint, the company has announced another $2.3 million of cryptocurrency missing.The Icing On The Bitpoint Cake As if it wasn’t already bad enough to have had $32 million of cryptocurrency stolen by hackers, Bitpoint has ju..

Thailand Approves 4 New Cryptocurrency Service Providers

The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission has approved four new crypto business operators to legally operate in the country. In addition to licensing a new crypto exchange, the government has officially approved the country’s first three digital token portals. Meanwhile, new rules, conditions, and..

Hacked: Bitpoint Exchange Loses $32 Million, Here’s What Went Down

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint has joined the long list of platforms that have lost millions to hackers. The exchange published a notice on its website, confirming “unauthorized outflow of virtual currency,” leading it to shut down operations pending the outcome of an internal investigati..

Bitpoint Hack: Japan Still Most Affected By Crypto Heists

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint, owned by Remixpoint, halted all operations on Friday, July 12. The exchange lost $32 million worth of cryptocurrency in a hack. Bitpoint Clients Lose $22.7 Million in Crypto If there is any country in this world where you should be worried about storing yo..

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