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Julian Gordon’s WeChat “Hasn’t Stopped Buzzing” Since Xi Jinpin Went Pro-Blockchain

BlockShow Speaking at BlockShow Asia 2019, Hyperledger Vice President APAC Julian Gordon described the personal impact that the Chinese president’s pro-blockchain remarks have had on him: “Xi Jinpin made that announcement 10 days ago. The reason I know that is because my phone is sitting on my de..

Patrick Ngan Teases Asia’s First Unified Crypto-Fiat Payment System

BlockShow Speaking on stage at BlockShow 2019 in Singapore today, Alchemy Global Payment Solutions (Alchemy GPS) co-founder Patrick Ngan discussed some details of how his company is making it easier to pay for everyday goods and services with cryptocurrency. Ngan emphasized the power of choice to ..

Binance’s CZ Speaks Publicly About China’s Digital Currency

BlockShow Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, better known as CZ, predicted that the digital Renminbi token (RMB) would be based on blockchain. Speaking today at BlockShow Asia 2019, CZ shared his thoughts on the digital currency in development by the People’s Bank of China. The details of this currency..

NEO Founder Explains Why the Internet Is Imperfect

BlockShow Kicking off the first panel of BlockShow Asia 2019, NEO founder Da Hongfei shared his views on the current state of decentralized web: “The internet is a great invention. It looks almost perfect. But is it really?” Citing examples like the Cambridge Analytica scandal and the Equifax hack..

Cointelegraph Moderates First Crypto Media Gathering at BlockShow Asia 2019

BlockShow The pace of the crypto market’s expansion would have been much slower without the contribution of dedicated media outlets. Google searches for terms like “Bitcoin” and “blockchain” skyrocketed in the last few years — alongside the spike in crypto prices. This suggests that people have a ..

Bitcoin Fans Congregate at BlockShow Asia 2019 for Bitcoiner#1 Meetup

BlockShow BlockShow Asia 2019, powered by Cointelegraph, is coming back for the third time to Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands, which will host a Festival of Decentralized Technology from Nov. 14–15. The Singapore FinTech Festival (SFF) is organized by the Monetary Authority of Singapore in pa..

BlockShow Asia 2019: Cointelegraph to Moderate Special Event for Journalists

BlockShow Cointelegraph is going to moderate an international media event at the BlockShow Asia 2019 conference in Singapore. The closed session for journalists will take place at Marina Bay Sands on Nov. 13 — a day before the so-dubbed “Festival of Decentralized Technology” begins. Organizers say..

Jimmy Wales, Special App, and Startup Oscars: This Year BlockShow Is Gearing Up

Opinion I first dove heavily into blockchain in 2014 when I joined Cointelegraph. To set the stage, this was right around the time of shadow projects, bitcoin casinos, and the infamous Mt. Gox crash. Almost everyone with a media badge was negative about the budding industry, and those who weren’t ..

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