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Fat Burger: Announces Tokenized Ethereum-Based $30 Million Bond

FAT Brands, the parent company behind Fat Burger which also (owns several other restaurant brands including Buffalo Wild Wings) will be partnering with a Coinbase-backed finance company to release a tokenized bond issuance on the Ethereum blockchain. As a partnership with Cadence, FAT Brands will b..

Santander: Completes First End-to-End Ethereum Bond Worth $20Million

The Ethereum network has the chance to become a new and increasingly important kind of public infrastructure. The latest proof the winds are blowing in that direction? Banco Santander, the largest bank in Spain and the 16th largest bank in the world, just deployed the “first end-to-end blockchain b..

World Bank Raises Additional AUD $50M Via Blockchain Bond

Blockchain proves once again that it is a must-have technology for financial institutions at all levels. Last week, the World Bank raised an additional AUD 50 million ($33.8 million) through its blockchain-based Kangaroo bond, called bond-i. Bond-i Sale Co-Managed by CBA, RBC, and TD The bond tap, ..

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