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Here’s Why Bitcoin Could Rip to the Upside, Moving Past $8,000

Over the past few hours, Bitcoin has mounted a comeback; after falling as low as $7,590 in step with a similar drop in the price of equities, the cryptocurrency surged towards $7,900. While some say this is just volatility, there is purportedly evidence that an uptrend is forming, one that could ta..

If This Happens, There’s a High Chance Bitcoin Bottomed at $8,200: Analyst

Bitcoin really hasn’t done too well over the past 24 hours. After peaking at $9,200, the leading cryptocurrency has fallen lower and lower, reaching a price as low as $8,150 (the lowest in literal weeks) on Sunday. Despite this, there remain some prominent analysts that suggest BTC is in the midst ..

Here’s Why Analysts Are Bullish On Bitcoin After $9,000 Retake

After falling as low as $8,400 on the weekend, Bitcoin has mounted a strong recovery over the past few days. Just recently, the cryptocurrency breached $9,000 for the first time in days, now trading at $9,130 as of the time of this article’s writing (TradingView chart can be seen below illustrating..

Key Metric Shows Bitcoin’s Rally Past $20,000 is About to Start

While Bitcoin has seen its fair share of rallies over the past 15 months, analysts are not yet convinced the cryptocurrency is in a full-blown bull market. Though, one key metric suggests that the bull run is right on the horizon. Crypto Bull Run is About to Begin, Analysis of Key Metric Shows Acco..

Bitcoin Surges to $8,900: Does The Rally Have Room to the Upside?

After an attempt to break through the multi-week low of $8,400 this weekend, Bitcoin bounced back. Hard. Over the past 24 hours, the cryptocurrency has surged higher from $8,600 to as high as $8,970, nearing $9,000 for the first time since the brutal breakdown on February 26th. Below, the recent pr..

3 Crucial Reasons Why Bitcoin Could Soon Surge Higher From $8,500

Over the past few days, Bitcoin has finally stabilized after the strong price crash seen on Sunday through Wednesday that took BTC from $10,000 to $8,400. While some analysts fear that this consolidation is a precursor to another leg lower, referencing the fact that assets never trend in a straight ..

Prominent Investor Thinks Bitcoin Will Rally 2,750% In 36 Months: Here’s Why

As the Bitcoin market has once again become frothy, the amount of retail interest in cryptocurrency has grown once again, with volumes increasing and Google Trends data suggesting this industry is in vogue. Unsurprisingly, mainstream media outlets have sprung to start covering Bitcoin developments ..

Why Analysts Expect More Upside After Bitcoin Just Broke $10,000 (Again)

Over the past 36 hours, Bitcoin has finally started to show signs of strength after the brutal 10% sell-off earlier this week. From the week’s most traded price at $9,600, the cryptocurrency has pressed higher to $10,000 as of the time of writing this, seemingly to establish a short-term candle clos..

Top Analyst Eyes Surge to $11,000 as Bitcoin Rapidly Jumps 3% Higher

Bitcoin has once again started to show signs of recovery. In the past hour, the price of the leading cryptocurrency has exploded higher, from the daily low around $9,650 to as high as $9,040, a jump of 3%. While this move has not yet been sustained on a weekly basis, analysts say that this recovery..

Bitcoin Holds Extremely Important Price, Suggesting Rally Back to $10,000 is Possible

Bitcoin really hasn’t done too well over the past day or two. As detailed in previous market updates from Ethereum World News, the price of the leading cryptocurrency has been subject to extreme volatility, falling from $10,300 to as low as $9,200 (on some exchanges) in the span of a few hours. Thi..

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