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In 2019 China’s Blockchain Startups Received Billions In Funding

China is vehemently anti-Bitcoin and anti-cryptocurrency. The country, which used to be a hub for all things Bitcoin, started to disassociate itself from the rising power in the decentralized cryptocurrency in 2017, when it banned all domestic trading of Chinese yuan and other currencies for BTC, Et..

Twitter Looking Into Tipping Feature: Sparking Bitcoin Integration Hype

For some reason or another, the citizens of the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world have made Twitter their online home. While there are other forums for members of this community to convene such as Reddit or BitcoinTalk, Twitter, a social media platform most often associated with politicians and meme..

The Blockchain Approach to Customer Relationship Management

Opinion It has long been understood that satisfied customers are key to a thriving business. Customer relationship management, or CRM, enables just that by helping a business engage meaningfully with its customers, improving profitability while lowering costs. With companies ​spending​ a whopping ..

Ripple Bags $200 Million in Series C Funding

Blockchain startup Ripple says it is now worth about $10 billion after a fresh injection of funding worth $200 million. The San Francisco-based startup that owns the majority of the XRP crypto says the new funding part of efforts to ensure greater global adoption of the altcoin. Meanwhile, the Ripp..

Despite $68 Million Loss, Novogratz Optimistic About Crypto’s Future

It seems that the crash in the Bitcoin price has been affecting all cryptocurrency investors, from the retail holders to the institutional fund managers. A press release published last week has revealed that Galaxy Digital Holdings, the crypto merchant bank headed by former Goldman Sachs partner Mi..

Ripple Siphons Another $20 Million Into Payments Giant MoneyGram

Ripple, the San Francisco-based fintech upstart that is closely affiliated with cryptocurrency XRP, has just revealed that it has made an investment in money transfer giant MoneyGram. According to a MoneyGram press release published on Monday, November 25th, Ripple has made a $20 million investment..

Libra Association Member Bison Trails Completes $25.5 Million Series A

Blockchain infrastructure company Bison Trails, one of the Libra Association’s 21 founding members, has secured $25.5 million USD in Series A funding from some of the cryptoeconomy’s biggest venture capital firms. The new trove will help the startup further its mission to help enterprises interact w..

Ethereum “Money Lego” Compound Secures $25 Million Series A

Compound, the builders behind one of the most popular decentralized finance apps on Ethereum, just raised an impressive $25 million war chest in a Series A fundraising round that was backed by some of the cryptocurrency arena’s biggest investors. Revealed on November 14th, the Series A raise saw ve..

How Blockchain Disrupts Global Business | Sibos 2019

Video Blockchain technology is reshaping the face of our global financial system, and it goes far beyond cryptocurrencies alone. Since Bitcoin’s arrival, the conventional finance world has been intrigued by blockchain, Bitcoin’s underlying disruptive technology. Now we are seeing that intrigue bei..

Deutsche Bank Changes Tune: Sponsors Bitmain IPO

If you’ve been on Crypto Twitter at all, you likely know that German financial institution Deutsche Bank has long been an enemy of the diehard strain of Bitcoin enthusiasts for years now. Not only does Deutsche Bank deal in fiat, but in early 2018, the firm wrote in an extensive research report tha..

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