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Is Blockchain Payments Integration in Messenger Apps Good for Crypto?

Analysis Many cryptocurrency analysts and industry representatives are predicting that the increasing integration of blockchain payments with messenger apps will comprise the catalyst for the next wave of mainstream distributed ledger technology (DLT) adoption. However, critics are warning that th..

German Cabinet and Bundesbank Are in Close Communication on CBDC Issues

News The Cabinet of Germany and Germany’s central bank Deutsche Bundesbank are working together closely on issues related to central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Awareness of global CBDC situationOn Aug. 29, Germany’s federal parliament (Bundestag) published official feedback to a request from..

Report: No Bank Account Needed to Transfer China’s Upcoming CBDC

News Binance Research, the research arm of the major crypto platform Binance, has reported that no bank account will be necessary to use China’s Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Loose coupling and anonymityBinance Research shared its findings on Aug 28. According to the report, China’s CBDC w..

Stablecoins Vulnerable to Regulatory Uncertainty: European Central Bank

News Stablecoins with a clear governance framework may be hampered by the uncertainty of the lack of regulation, according to the European Central Bank (ECB). Four major types of stablecoins outlinedOn Aug. 29, the ECB released a new paper devoted to stablecoins, which it describes as digital unit..

Chinese Central Bank ‘Crypto’ Not Launching in November: State Media

News The Global Times claims that China’s central bank has refuted recent reports of its plans to launch a state-backed cryptocurrency this November. The Global Times is China's national English language tabloid, under the People’s Daily — the official newspaper of the Communist Party of Chin..

Why Regulation Is the Best Thing for Crypto

Opinion When we hear about holders of crypto being tracked down by the Internal Revenue Service, or that imprisonment is being considered for anyone using crypto in India, it conjures up a disconcerting image of what regulation might entail. It’s part of crypto’s DNA to be unregulated, some might..

Brazil Central Bank Adopts IMF Guidelines for Crypto Classification

News The Central Bank of Brazil has moved to classify bought or sold cryptocurrency assets per International Monetary Fund (IMF) guidelines. Brazil’s central bank announced its decision on Aug. 26. With the new classification under IMF standards, traded cryptocurrencies will be classified as non-f..

The Push to Kill Cash – Australia’s Proposed Ban Shows It’s Not Conspiracy Theory

The supposed coordination of governments and tech companies to create a one-world, cashless society is often viewed as little more than fodder for silly Youtube conspiracy videos. After all, cash is still king in daily life, even in extremely high-tech, innovative societies like Japan. Upon closer e..

Smokescreens and Mirrors: How Does a Country Do an ICO? They Call It QE

Financial regulators all around the world have been cracking down hard on ICOs for promising more than they can deliver. At the same time governments and central banks are pulling off far worse scams, such as QE, wiping out the savings of everyone that depends on them. To hide this fact they use obs..

India: Supreme Court Gives Central Bank 2 Weeks to Justify Crypto Ban

News India’s supreme court has slammed the country’s central bank over its handling of a cryptocurrency business ban and ordered it to address complaints. Judge: RBI has not properly responded to representationIn the latest session of an ongoing hearing into the actions of the Reserve Bank of Indi..

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