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CipherTrace: As Crypto Exchanges Struggle with KYC, “Travel Rule” Specter Grows

The Wild West days of the cryptoeconomy are over if the G20 group’s Financial Action Task Force (FATF) has anything to say about it. However, according to blockchain investigator firm CipherTrace, it seems many of the world’s top crypto exchanges are still woefully unprepared to meet the greater de..

CipherTrace: Wild West Days for Crypto Money Laundering Ending

This week, blockchain investigator firm CipherTrace released its Q2 2019 anti-money laundering report. The company’s latest high-level analysis comes as many things in the cryptoeconomy are changing — like the new FATF rules and Facebook’s planned stablecoin debut — while others aren’t changing at ..

Austrian Printing House Releases “Chainlock” Crypto Cold Wallet

The Austrian State Printing House (OeSD) has released a cryptocurrency cold wallet, through its subsidiary company Youniqx Identity AG. Per a press release published on July 29, the solution was developed to combat the worrying increase of cryptocurrency theft and other crypto-crimes that are caused..

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