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Congressional Research Service Examines Blockchain in Energy Sector

News The Congressional Research Service has released a report that examines, among other things, the potential advantages and disadvantages of pursuing blockchain-based solutions for the energy sector. The Congressional Research Service released their findings in a report on Aug. 9, entitled “Bitc..

Expert: Walmart Crypto Project More Agreeable to Lawmakers Than Libra

News A senior policy analyst at investment banking corporation Cowen, Jaret Seiberg, said that Walmart’s proposed digital coin should not face as much regulatory pushback as Libra, Facebook’s proposed virtual currency. As Bloomberg reports on Aug. 5, Seiberg also added that Walmart’s crypto may ha..

US Senate Crypto Hearing Key Takeaways: Blockchain Is ‘Inevitable’

Follow up On July 30, the United States Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs hosted a hearing on cryptocurrencies in a regulatory context. Lawmakers are showing renewed interest in digital currencies against the backdrop of Facebook’s crypto odyssey: This week’s testimony followed two L..

U.S. Senator: Crypto and Blockchain are “Inevitable”

The world is finally waking up to cryptocurrency and blockchain. After extensive Congressional hearings about Libra just two weeks ago, the U.S. Senate Banking Committee hosting an entire session on this budding industry, with Circle chief executive taking the stand to testify. While much of the he..

US Congress Holds Hearing on Crypto: Witness Profiles

Recap Today, on July 30, United States lawmakers will once again gather to debate cryptocurrency and blockchain policy in a hearing dubbed “Examining Regulatory Frameworks for Digital Currencies and Blockchain.” The hearing is scheduled for 10 a.m. EST and will be broadcast live. This time, the U...

Ripple Execs to Congress: We Need Laws that Protect Cryptocurrency in America

Ripple executives have appealed to lawmakers in the U.S. to make careful considerations while creating a regulatory paradigm for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in America. Since the emergence of Facebook’s Libra project and concerns of money laundering, there have been concerns over negat..

Circle CEO to Testify Before Senate on Blockchain and Digital Assets

News Circle co-founder and CEO Jeremy Allaire is scheduled to testify before congress tomorrow as a representative of The Blockchain Association — a business organization comprised of blockchain industry advocates. Allaire will testify before the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Aff..

Did Erik Finman Really Just Brief Congress on Bitcoin?

Erik Finman, the famous kid who became one of the first teenaged crypto millionaires, briefed congressional representatives on Bitcoin yesterday – or so he says. He even posted a picture with a lectern and a US flag.Is This For Real? So, Finman hasn’t seen his name in the media for a month or so,..

Millionaire That Called Bitcoin “Dead” Briefs Congress About Crypto

Erik Finman, a Bitcoin Millionaire, Speaks to Congress Reps Erik Finman, the crypto wunderkind that became a Bitcoin (BTC) millionaire at 18, has purportedly just briefed a group of Congressmen and Congresswomen about the cryptocurrency asset class. The weird thing is, in December, the cryptocurre..

Facebook Libra Not Avoiding U.S. Regulators, Switzerland a Better Fit

Analysis Among all the issues cropping up in Facebook's recent hearing in the United States Congress regarding its new Libra cryptocurrency, the matter of location was perhaps the thorniest. Testifying before various banking and financial committees, Libra co-creator David Marcus was repeated..

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