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Virtual Blockchain Week Is A Virus-Proof Crypto Conference

Announcement It’s just the kind of event that these sequestered, hunkered-down times call for. With COVID-19 still wreaking havoc on any plans to get more than ten people in a room together, Virtual Blockchain Week is a weeklong conference taking place completely online, and it just so happens tha..

April Fools Sees Toilet Paper Token in Short Supply on CoinMarketCap

April Fools It’s April Fool’s day somewhere, or at least in CoinMarketCap’s neck of the woods, as the cryptocurrency data site saw massive volumes for new “Toilet Paper Token.” A website known for listing cryptocurrencies in order of market cap value, CoinMarketCap, listed Toilet Paper Token (TPT)..

Today’s N95 Facemask Market Is Crazy, But It Helps Us Understand Crypto

News Although the Wild West of crypto historically has involved scams, hype and price gaming, those descriptors are now tacked onto another industry — the N95 face mask market. “Scrutiny surrounding these deals is high because of ongoing scams and claims of price-gouging, both of which are trigger..

Bitcoin Hash Rate Drop: Miners, the Halving and Coronavirus Suspected

Analysis The Bitcoin (BTC) network hash rate took a steep dive on March 26, dropping by a whopping 15.95%, which is a 45% sink from its peak highs of 2020. The hash rate dipped from 136.2 quintillion hashes per second on March 1 to just 75.7 EH/s on March 26, according to data from Blockchain.com...

Russia Postpones Its Crypto Law Again, Now Blaming Coronavirus

News After facing multiple delays, the adoption of Russia’s major cryptocurrency law will be postponed again, now due to the coronavirus. Anatoly Aksakov, chairman of the Russian State Duma Committee on Financial Markets, says that the country’s crypto law — the bill “On Digital Financial Assets” ..

Bitfury Becomes Latest Crypto Industry Player to Join COVID-19 Research Project

News Blockchain development firm Bitfury is re-assigning the computing power it uses for digital currency transaction processing to COVID-19 research. In an announcement on March 31, the company revealed that it had been allocating its high-powered GPU-enabled computing nodes to run COVID-19 calcu..

During Coronavirus Pandemic, IRS Cuts Taxpayers Some Much Needed Slack

Expert Take Crypto communities and the United States Internal Revenue Service haven’t exactly had a love fest over the last five years. It started in 2014, when the IRS said crypto was property, and it hasn’t got much better since. In addition to sending those 10,000 “beware” letters and trying to..

Crypto Conference Defies COVID-19 Lockdown by Hosting in Virtual Realm

News The COVID-19 crisis may have put a stop to millions of sports events, work conferences and meet-ups across the world, but it has not halted those in the cryptocurrency space. The Coinfest Conference, which runs until April 4, has found a way to defy the coronavirus lockdown by setting up shop..

Ethereum Price Analysis: With BTC Dominance Firmly at 65%, What’s Next for ETH?

In brief: The Bitcoin dominance on Coinmarketcap is steady at around 65%. Ethereum’s dominance in the market currently stands at 8.23%. In the past few days, ETH has had a hard time reclaiming the $140 support zone. The ETH/USDT 6-hour chart is exhibiting bearish signs that are further confirmed by..

Bitcoin Starts Strongest Quarter Q2 With Price Down Just 10% YTD

Markets News Bitcoin (BTC) has in total suffered just 10% from the coronavirus outbreak which obliterated stocks and caused the United States to print $6 trillion. That was according to the latest quarterly price data from monitoring resource Skew.com on March 31, which showed that for Q1 2020, BT..

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